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    Either the GSG mentioned the Walther. There seems to be a new Walther here and the others are shown that you maybe able to get send hand. http://www.practicalsportingsupplies.co.uk/acatalog/Walther-.22rf-Mini-Rifles.html Matt
  2. Webley

    .22 carbines

    I believe UK law requires section 1 firearms to have a minimum barrel length of 12" / 300mm and a minimum overall length or 24" / 600mm. That is the reason for the mock silencers / shroud on the MP5 .22lr that we can have here. Both A4 with fake mod and the SD varient are available secondhand.The long barrel pistols are legal due to meeting the above lengths with a rod/coat hanger although they are treated differently by the police to normal .22 semi-autos. Some options to look through, Walther G22, S&W 15/22 with collapsible stock and 12" barrel, Pietta PPPS50, Anschutz MSR RX22, Kriss vector barrel cut to 12" Matt
  3. Webley

    Incompetent RFD

    Proof is not specifically mentioned in this so it going to add to the argument via rival interpretation rather than solve it one way or the other. https://nra.org.uk/nra-bisley/ranges/latest-range-information/range-regulations/ 4. All shooters are responsible for ensuring that their firearms and ammunition are safe to use. The proof process is one way you can try to ensure the firearm is safe to use. It seems to be what you are comfortable with on range use. This has been quite an illuminating discussion on the topic. I in no way profess to be an expert in this and am enjoying reading the discussion back and forth, learning on the way. OP I hope that you had legal representation with you during your chat with the police. I would echo what others have said engage with BASC or similar. Matt
  4. Webley

    Incompetent RFD

    John I suspect that the insurance policy will say something along the lines of using the firearm within the range rules and safety regulations in their terms and conditions. The range rules and regs will say only proofed guns are permitted to be used, even if they do not enforce it. The user agrees to abide by the rules and regs that the range has in place to use the range. By using an unproofed gun they have willfully broken those. I may be wrong but it is a financial risk you may be placing upon yourself without realising. There maybe a legal requirement for the insurance company to payout to anyone injured, but they may come after the shooter for to recover their costs. Matt
  5. Being over the HME limit at Bisley means you have to jump through extra hoops to shoot. Anything over 4500J or 3319ft lb is classed as high muzzle energy there. Over 7000J is banned. You have to zero before you shoot, each day you shoot, while under the supervision of a HME qualified RCO. The Butt marker needs to be made aware that you are using something with HME so they wear extra PPE due to the splash. Matt
  6. Webley

    Why the 2nd Amendment matters in the US.

    You may all find this video interesting. It contains video of the shootings so viewer discretion is advised and i hope posting a link here does not break any site rules. There is no gore, it is all mobile video at distance and quite blurry and pixelated as it is dark. However 3 people are shot, two die. Donut operator does break downs on shootings in the states. He is quite independent IMHO and states his sources, it is not a right or left wing show. He is an excop that now runs a skateboard shop. In other videos he is happy to point out when cops have shot someone they should not have. Matt
  7. No experience of this company or its products, but they are quite cheap. https://www.ant-supplies.uk/rifle-bipod-fittings/telescopic-leg-bipod-feet.html Alternatively try contacting https://www.shootingshed.co.uk/oscom/ as I know the owner made some for himself. Nearly all of the ones made in the states will not be available over here due to being ITAR listed. Matt
  8. Webley

    English Chassis system

    That looks very nice, I will be looking forward to it coming to market. Matt
  9. Webley

    Moa or mrad

    Scf31 Get him to try Strelok (free) or Strelok Pro app on IOS and android (it has a red star on a yellow background as the logo) for working out what to dial or hold off for range, atmospherics and wind data. You can set it up for either MOA or MIL output. The output will only be as good as the information he puts in to it though. Scotch_egg I am glad you rate that book as I bought it a week or two ago. Matt
  10. No I deer, The advert is from april 2018. Matt
  11. Webley

    Issues with offset rifle scopes?

    https://www.guntrader.uk/guns/rifles/bsa/bolt-action/303/smle-mk-iii-191021114617487 A reproduction of an smle sniper with offset scope. Just for general interest. Matt
  12. Webley

    Issues with offset rifle scopes?

    https://www.americandefensemanufacturing.com/view/product/330/ If it works with your imported mounts and you want a QD option to be able to get your rifle in a slip or case, these may help. Matt
  13. You can also change it from the 180 to 230 height with the leg extensions from tier one.
  14. Webley


    Their unimount is a single piece mount, meaning it is machined from one piece of metal. This type ensures that the two rings are true to each other as they do not rely on the rifle mounting points to be true and the person fitting them to have done so correctly. If you fit two piece mounts you should use a fitting kit to check they are true to each other once fitted to the rifle rail or points. This stops the rings being at slightly different angles which could bend your scope and leave marks on the tube. The fitting kit has two solid metal cylinders which are both turned down to a point at one end. You place one in each ring to make sure that the points come together correctly. You can then lap the rings to improve the fit further, this is placing a cylinder across the fitted rings and sanding them a little. Then when your scope is placed in the rings you know, A that is true and B that you have a consistent cylindrical surface to clamp on to your scope. If you are fitting to a dovetail rail the single piece mounts normally provide a greater surface area to get hold of the rail with, although the dolphin company ones are similar to two piece mounts in terms of contact area. Some mounts use a recoil lug to prevent the scope mount from moving during recoil, or a picatinny slot which negates this benefit. The process for two ring mounts if you are interested. https://youtu.be/8rFOtmWqBUI?t=174 Basically it makes it a little easier to fit a scope although single piece mounts can benefit from lapping as well I think and they can obscure your breach if they don't suit your action on bolt actions. They also limit how you position your scope as they are a fixed distance apart which may affect how you can mount the scope for the correct eye relief. Matt
  15. https://automaticwatchesformen.com/seiko-snzg15-review A touch over size at 42mm. https://www.victorinox.com/uk/en/Products/Watches/Mens-Watches/I-N-O-X-/p/241682.1 Again over sized at 43mm but worth a look? A friend of mine had a titanium Omega speedmaster and found it was easily knocked out of sync. It could have been just his one, but it seemed the lack of mass meant that any impact affected the mechanisms ability to keep good time. He got rid of it after getting it fixed yet again. For a working watch it may be worth looking in to to see if it is typical if you want to go the Ti route. Matt

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