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Riton X7 Conquer 3-24x56 ED FFP Non-Illuminated ODEN 0.1 MRAD Rifle Scope

Mike C

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Because the version that OW are selling does not have an illuminated reticle

Basically there was a screwup between Riton in the USA and the factory in Japan where the scopes were being made

Either Riton forgot to specify they wanted an illuminated reticle or the Japanese manufacturer forgot to fit an illuminated reticle

Either way, Riton did not want the scopes so the Japanese manufacturer sold them off cheap to OW

I have one and it's an OK dayscope which I use only for load development purposes because I like the ret and the magnification

It's very poor at dusk - making it much more of a target scope than a hunting scope





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Nice to know that Bruce. 

Seeing as I personally don't need an illuminated ret for my uses and that it also contains ED glass... it might be worth a try. 

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So Ive picked up a Riton 5-25 X5 for my 300PRC, and so far very impressed. I took it to Bisley for the first time this this morning, and Im delighted to say it fixes the 2 main issues I had with my rather early vortex viper. It focuses close enough so I can see the HME target clearly, and on a 30MOA rail its got enough travel  down to set a 100 yard zero, and then elevation to reach out to a mile. 

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