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  1. phoenix

    Pulsar digiex n450

    Get a large cable tie and tie it around the adjustable part of the objective lens. The bit where the cable locks into the tie gives a bit of leverage, making it easier way to rotate the lens Cheers Bruce
  2. phoenix

    Pulsar digiex n450

    The "pecking order" for digital NV scopes from best to worst goes something like this: 1. ENV 10 (previously known as the Armasight Drone Pro) 2. Pulsar Digex 450 3. Yukon Sightline N470, ATN X Sight 4K, Pard NV008/NV008LRF 4. Sightmark Wraith Prices pretty much reflect the position in the pecking order and their NV performance. The ATN, PARDs and Wraith are all perfectly usable in daylight as well as for NV. Cheers Bruce
  3. phoenix

    Pulsar digiex n450

    It's very good, but won't work well on an S&B 8x56 No rear add-on will work well on a scope without adjustable objective/side parallax and particularly on scopes with lens coatings optimised for low light conditions Cheers Bruce
  4. Have a look at the Delta titaniums and Strykers. Optics warehouse sell them Cheers Bruce
  5. Kahles 8x42 or 10x42 Apart from giving up about 5 minutes before Swaros at dawn and dusk, there's not much in it. Great value for a cracking set of RF binos. Vortex also do excellent 10x42 RF binos for around the same price as the Kahles Cheers Bruce
  6. phoenix

    Mark Felton Productions.

    He has lots of great videos covering little know subjects. Check out a recent one where a British lightning fighter intercepts an american U2 spyplane - something the americans thought impossible. The same aircraft later went on to intercept concorde while it was doing mach 2. Cheers Bruce
  7. For sale: Pulsar Helion XQ38F in excellent condition. £1800.00 inc RMSD to anywhere in the UK Just over one year old and in full working order with original box and all original accessories Belongs to a river bailiff pal of mine but hasn't had much use. No pics, but plenty of those on line Cheers Bruce
  8. phoenix

    CZ 455 PARD NV008 LRF

    Get the 9 slot version of one of these https://www.ant-supplies.uk/rails-and-adapters/scope-base-rail-adapters.html Have a look at the pics in this post to see a PARD fitted to a CZ using the dovetail to picatinny adaptor in the link above and also with a more "traditional" dovetail to picatinny adaptor https://www.nightvisionforumuk.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=21006&start=140 Cheers Bruce
  9. Deffo a bargain - it's worth a lot more than £995 Cheers Bruce
  10. phoenix

    Night shooting rabbits with .22lr

    For a cheap entry into NV and perfect for shooting rabbits with a rimfire, you could do worse than one of these with the laser illuminator. £145 all inhttps://www.precisionnightvision.com/product-page/night-vision-unit Reviewed on YouTube here Cheers Bruce
  11. phoenix

    General Reflextion

    If I was been really, really generous about Corbyn, I'd say he is a left wing idealist of the type that was common in university graduates of his time. Virtually all of those people have grown up and come to realise that the ideology of their university days simply doesn't work in the real world. Unfortunately, comrade Corbyn never grew up and still genuinely believes the left wing stuff. That's why he has such a hard time giving any straight answers - he knows that if he expresses his true believes, he'll be laughed off the stage. If I was being less generous about Corbyn, you probably wouldn't print it for fear of defamation!! Cheers Bruce
  12. phoenix

    Barrel import

    My final post on this subject, and my apologies to the OP. You're still not getting it. I can't force the US seller to declare a barrel blank as a steel tube, but I can ask him. If he decides to declare it as a steel tube and falls foul of US legislation, then he takes the consequences. Blaming me, won't do him any good, because it's his, and only his decision what to put on the paperwork and no, the Feds won't come after me, because I did not commit any crime. FYI, I regularly import oilfield equipment from the USA and it's entirely up to the seller what they actually put on the paperwork. I've had cooperative sellers and uncooperative sellers, but there's nothing I can do about that. it's up to the seller to decide what to put on the paperwork. Cheers Bruce
  13. phoenix

    Barrel import

    Maybe you didn't understand - I was writing the post as the person, in the UK, trying to buy a barrel blank from someone in the USA. If the exporter in the USA breaks federal law, by trying to send me a barrel blank and finishes up in the pokey,then that's his problem, not mine
  14. phoenix

    Barrel import

    Hacking a US government computer and importing a barrel blank are not the same thing. If the company/person in the US chooses to sell a barrel blank to you in the UK, you have committed no crime in the UK or US. The company/person selling you the barrel blank my have committed a crime in the US, but it was their choice to sell you the barrel blank and therefore they, not you, have to suffer the consequences. Cheers Bruce
  15. phoenix

    Barrel import

    If you are the importer, living in the UK, breaking a US federal law is irrelevant. People in the UK break US federal laws every day, but they don't finish up in Levenworth The exporter may have a problem, but you won't
  16. phoenix

    Barrel import

    Have it declared as a "steel tube" on the paperwork No problem for export or import Cheers Bruce
  17. phoenix

    What scope for a Pard 007

    OK, so you thought a £400 add-on would be as good as a £2400 digital scope? The 007 is the best "bang for your buck" NV add-on available, but it's not a Drone Pro Popgun is clearly not happy with his 007, but In have to say, that given how many 007s have been sold, he's very much in the minority. Cheers Bruce
  18. phoenix

    What scope for a Pard 007

    Not if it does what you want - and it will. I have one I use with a PARD NV008 and it does give a big improvement in clarity, particularly at longer ranges. Cheers Bruce
  19. phoenix

    What scope for a Pard 007

    Go into the menu and check the EV exposure setting. it is normally 0.0, but increasing the number makes the camera more sensitive, but the image noisier, reducing the number makes the camera less sensitive but the image less noisy. Cheers Bruce
  20. phoenix

    What scope for a Pard 007

    The PARD uses an HD sensor that requires much more IR than a T20 can produce. The on board IR on the PARD is much much more powerful than any LED based IR illuminator. Cheers Bruce
  21. phoenix

    What scope for a Pard 007

    The Bushnell Legend is usually quite good with NV add-ons - as you found with your home brew NV. If you're not getting a good image with the PARD, then I suspect you don't have it set up properly. This is the recommended procedure: 1. Before attaching the add-on, ensure the reticle on the Bushnell is focussed for your eye, and then adjust the dioptre on the PARD so that the menu text is focussed for your eye. There should be a small screw that stops the dioptre ring from moving 2. Attach the PARD, switch it on, look at the display, and then, using the lens focus control on the underside of the PARD, bring the scope reticle into focus on the screen. 3. Look at the target and adjust the side focus on the scope to bring the target into focus on the screen 4. When you change to NV mode and use the IR illuminator, the side focus will need to be adjusted for the different wavelength of light passing through the scope For the brightest image, have the IR illuminator set at IR3 (full power) and the illuminator lens fully extended (spot) Cheers Bruce
  22. PARD NV008 with all the latest firmware upgrades installed and tested.Firmware v1.25 has picture in picture mode, more reticles, the ability to save up to 5 profiles, quick start and no crashing when the battery is low or removed when the scope is switched on and increased maximum power for the IR illuminatorThe mount is also modified to allow simple height adjustment so that the reticle can be positioned midway up the screenIn excellent condition and comes with original box, case, soft bag, cable, allen wrenches.Full English manual available by e mail£450 inc RMSD to any location in the UKCheersBruce
  23. phoenix

    Best long range IR LASER TORCH

    Get a Sirius XTL from Ian Sirrel at IRlightbuilds. It's more than powerful enough to use with a PARD add-on and it it won't blind you if you look at it inadvertently. Cheers Bruce
  24. phoenix

    picitinny rail

    Use these pic to dovetail adaptors - they fit inside the PARD mount and keep the scope lower than any other pic adaptor https://www.ant-supplies.uk/rails-and-adapters/scope-base-rail-adapters.html Either use 2 single slot adaptors - one in each bar on the 008 mount or get the 9 slot adaptor which will let the recoil stop on the mount locate into a slot as well. Don't buy the 4 slot adaptor because the bars in the 008 mount are 5 slots apart You will have to shim the rear of the mount to get the reticle anywhere near the centre of the screen - typically there will be a 2-3mm gap between the base of the rear of the scope and the mount. If you have the tools and skills, consider drilling and tapping an M4 hole in the mount and fitting a screw so that you can more closely adjust the vertical position of the scope in the mount and therefore the position of the reticle on the screen. I've done that on both my 008s and on my 008LRF, and getting the vertical position of the reticle near the centre of the screen (or anywhere I want to have it) is dead simple Cheers Bruce

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