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    Thermal and night vision foxing , plus some rabbit control and the odd bit of roe deer stalking

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  1. phoenix

    Adjustable Comb

    Just had my CZ527 done at Mike Rainbacks. They did an absolutely fantastic job using the Kalixteknik CR2 adjustable cheek piece. With this cheek raiser no tools are needed for the adjustment Cheers Bruce
  2. phoenix

    Xm22 or xm30 thermal?

    Detection range and target resolution are affected by the size of the objective lens. A bigger lens will give more detection range and higher target resolution. I'd definitely go for the xm30 Cheers Bruce
  3. 150m range suggests 17HMR minimum or a some sort of centrefire (definitely not 22 rimfire) For that range with those calibres, a rangefinder is not needed. Zero the rifle at 130-150m and then simply point and shoot. Cheers Bruce
  4. phoenix

    1-4-1 question.

    You need to dispose of one rifle and tell the police the details of that transaction within 7 days Then you need to apply for a one for one variation. Once you have your certificate varied to allow you to acquire another 22, then you can buy one at your leisure. Cheers Bruce
  5. phoenix

    Inexpensive Bottled Water

    FFS you are made of chemicals and hormones - without them you wouldn''t exist. Cheers Bruce
  6. PM me please. Cheers Bruce
  7. No pm received. Cheers Bruce
  8. Bruce,

    would £50.00 plus £5.00 for postage be ok?



  9. The OP is not going to take the part of the stock with the height and LOP adjusters, so I'm open to offers for the whole thing Cheers Bruce
  10. I had the rifle set up on quad sticks in my garage and turned my back at the wrong time. The rifle (a Weihrauch HW60J in 22 Hornet fell off the sticks and landed in just the right way to break the stock cleanly just above the pistol grip. Form did kindly offer to repair the stock for £50, but I just didn't think it would ever be the same again. Cheers Bruce
  11. I have a Form riflestocks stock for a Weihrauch HW60J, that has broken at the grip. The stock has both cheek raiser and length adjusters. Both of these are in perfect working order and could be removed and fitted to another stock
  12. phoenix

    people thoughts on moderators.

    Don't think about it too much, just buy a DPT over barrel and you're good to go. The DPT mods are very light weight. There's not much difference in perceived noise reduction between pretty much all the centrefire mods on sale. It's stalking rifle so there won't be thousands of shots going through it like there would be for a target rifle - any mod on the market will last a long time if used on a stalking rifle. Having said that, I'd avoid steel mods like the T8 because of their weight and the fact they can rust badly from the inside forming pin holes, and also mods that can't be stripped for cleaning. Cheers Bruce
  13. For less than £1500 I'd buy a new Pulsar Axion XM30S That way you get a full 3 year warranty. Try Blackwood Outdoors - speak nicely to Ian and you may get a bit of discount The XD50s and HD19S are old models, long discontinued so spares/repair could be a major issue Cheers Bruce
  14. phoenix

    CZ 527 Bedding Questions

    What method did you use to pull the bullets. I've used both a kinetic hammer and a collet puller, and in each case the bullets showed some damage. You lack of accuracy with those bullets may simply be a consequence of them having been pulled. Cheers Bruce
  15. It is a definite cultural difference. In the UK and Europe, we panic buy toilet rolls, in the USA, in the same circumstances, they panic buy guns!! Both entirely irrational reactions to the same situation. However, it has to be said that the response of many US citizens to any "crisis" is to buy more guns. Cheers Bruce

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