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    Thermal and night vision foxing , plus some rabbit control and the odd bit of roe deer stalking

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  1. I don't shoot foxes at 300 yards plus to massage my ego. On the rare occasions when I have shot foxes at that range it is because it was the correct thing to do in circumstances. if the circumstances were different then no shot would have been taken Cheers Bruce
  2. I've shot foxes with a thermal riflescope with a base magnification of x3 out to 350 yards,(although I don't make a habit of it!) With practice it is not difficult to identify the species you are looking at - as long as it's moving. Cheers Bruce
  3. 5.56? I thought it was 9mm handguns they were using. Cheers Bruce
  4. Never forget, old age and cunning always defeats youth and enthusiasm 😄 Cheers Bruce
  5. Use a hot hands bag as a target for your thermal scope., Stick one on a target board at 100 yards (or your preferred zeroing distance) and shoot at the centre of the hot spot If you can put bullets into the bag you are within one inch of a perfect zero Remember that you are zeroing a thermal scope, not a target scope, so forget about 1/2" groups, or even 1" groups. I also would not be trying to head shoot any animal with a thermal scope - aim for the middle of the heat blob!! Cheers Bruce
  6. http://www.shooterscalculator.com/point-blank-range.php Plug in: Bullet BC Muzzle velocity Sight height Target size (only necessary to get the calculator to work) The result will give near zero, far zero, minimum PBR, maximum PBR and POI at 100 yards Cheers Bruce
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