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Rimfire scopes

No i deer

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I'm looking for a good all round scope for my 22lr, hunting and longish range plinking..

I want a minimum of 16 mag..

A max of 24..

Side focus..

Parallax 10yds ish too infinity.

Currently run a leupold fx freedom rimfire reticle scope..

Its a very good scope but 9 mag isnt enough for longrange precision for me

Price not fixed at the mo.

Thoughts please NID

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I currently have one of these on my .22 for PRS etc - https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/sightron-s-tac-4-20x50-sfp-moa-sf-non-ir-moa-2-rifle-scope struggled a bit recently on an ARA type card at 100 yards. Think I probably need something with higher mag, but the x4 was very handy in a McQueens type stage at 50 yards. I will watch this thread with interest. ~5-25 is the kind of range that I think I need.



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After buying a Tikka T1x and putting a krg bravo chassis on it I wanted a decent scope that I could use for hunting, targets and steel targets at longer ranges.

I ended up buying a zeiss V4 6-24x50.  Its the model with the zero stop and locking windage turret and ZMOAI-T20 reticle.  Parralax goes down to 10 yards.

Its an expensive scope for a 22 but I love it.


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I’ve used the 6-24x56 hawke and was very happy until I tried first focal scopes and put a sticker of the drops from StrelokPro onto the front flip up cover . 
only negative of the 6-24 is they’re very long about 17”  and needed an offset front ring sports match set to ensure the scope fits correctly on an anschutz rifle which are rather short stocks . A shorter scope around 13-14” fits nicely. Mostly running magnification at 12-14 power 


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