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  1. les


    Hello Dave .... welcome to UKV!
  2. les


    Hello .... welcome to UKV!
  3. les

    Need some new friends....

    Hello .... welcome to UKV!
  4. les

    Citizen Band Radio

    That's good to know, although I have no plans [at the moment] to pollute the airwaves.
  5. les

    Citizen Band Radio

    Do you still need to do the 12wpm morse test, or is it mainly just voice com now?
  6. les


    Sorry, I did my best!
  7. les


    I bought a can of Kroil a few years ago to try to release a rusted union. I might as well have used water. The Kroil got dumped in the shed, and I bought THIS from Wilko - it's brilliant!
  8. les

    Leather knife sheath

    I've had several items made by Linda, and she does great work.
  9. les

    CV-19 Lessons

    I was exactly the same, and I know a few people who all had the same problem over the Christmas/New Year period. I don't know if it was Covid 19, but I don't know that it wasn't, either. I'm guessing that Covid 19 has been around for longer than we have been told.
  10. les

    Storing a 22lr with moderator on?

    Be on the safe side, and take it off. There's no point in tempting fate.
  11. les

    new member

    Hello .... welcome to UKV!
  12. les

    I don't even know what to say...

    He should buy her a new Jaguar. With any luck, it'll bite her head off and he can get back to being Harry again. As it is, he's totally pussywhipped.
  13. les

    Acquiring firearms

    I seem to remember somewhere in the dark and distant past that I paid for a firearm in full whilst applying for a 141 variation. I put a rifle in px, and paid the balance, then went home to wait for the variation to come through. Or perhaps my addled brain is playing tricks again?
  14. Great question, Gerster ......... whoever decides to make 'em can definitely put my name down for one.

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