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In my spare time  i have decided to turn a tx1200 into a model 82  so any advice on a period looking modern scope ? original fit was Kahles ZF 95 i think  and i need blocks and rings so i guess Norman Clark ?

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Norman certainly had bases (steel for the m82) and rings in fact pretty much everything you’d need - bottom metal etc

I bought an original M82 but did not have the diopter sight and they were able to make one up for me.

ZF69 6x42 was I believe the common original scope but I’ve seen them with pecars too.  I managed to find a ZF69 from an eBay seller in Germany but I’ve got a S&B PM1 on there at the moment.

Have fun 👍

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Many years ago Helston Gunsmiths had job lots ex police m82’s and m87’s in. The m87’s came with Pecar 4-10 scopes. The PH actions were actually made in Spain I believe. Helston may still be worth a call?


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Norman Clark came up trumps  what brilliant guys to deal with  got everything to do the job except the scope rings and a bipod (forgot to ask re bipod)

The Trafalger meet turned up a Pecar  6x45 with rings (although i might look for something higher mag )  So a Bipod in on the needed list  ..

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