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  1. Roy W

    Rifle saddle wanted thanks peeps

  2. for sale - Smith & Wesson 15/22 .22lr AR. Excellent condition, had less than 1000 rounds through it.Comes with Flat Dark Earth Magpul MOE stock and MOE handgrip. MBUS rear and foresight,Two 25 round mags, one FDE.£425 collect from Hants or Bisley. Advertised elsewhere
  3. Roy W

    S&B PM11 12-50

    Like this?
  4. Do you have target shooting on your FAC? If not, you'll have to probably do a probationary period with a club before getting full membership. The Dorset Riflemen are not far from you and shoot at Bisley a lot, plus other ranges. South Hants R&PC in Portsmouth also shoot at Bisley once a month. You will need to be a member of a club to get your Shooter Certification Card to be able to shoot at Bisley or any other MOD range. If you join the NRA direct then the cost of the probationer courses will set you back £500. So another club looks like your best option first, then join the NRA.
  5. Join the NRA, shoot at Bisley when you want to 800, 900,1000,1200
  6. Have you tried the Fifty Cal Association? You don't need a 50cal to join. I was in ODRC, only ever went to shoots with FCSA at Salisbury. Never met anyone from ODRC or had application countersigned? Just had an FAC and full member of other clubs and that was enough to join. Apart from that, depends what you call long range. You can shoot 1200yds at Bisley
  7. Roy W

    Measuring MV

    You should be holding the barrel alongside the unit, not sure why you would hold it 18 inches away? The radar isn't a 'beam' as such, it is a continuous 'wave' If you hold the barrel next to the unit as per the instructions the MV will be near as dammit at the muzzle.
  8. Roy W

    Schmidt Bender MOA to Mil

    Contact S&B direct. I had some repairs done to a scope which included replacing a complete turret on an early PM1, They turned it round in about 2-3 weeks. It cost about 400 Euros all in , but was worth is because it was an early scope in an unusaul magnification
  9. If the transaction is done pre the New Year I will include the rifle, mod, modcover, barrel and reloading gear for £4k as a package
  10. Roy W

    Derryard - 13 Dec 1989

    That road down to Rosslea was always referred to as the 9 mile Dash due to the activity of PIRA and frequent illegal VCPs set up by them. we rebuilt the RUC Station in 1987 with 51 Sqn. No mention of awards, but hopefully they were recognised sufficiently.
  11. Selling as a package first Dave. The Dies are F/L RCBS dies not a bushing set.

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