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  1. I have sent AI Transit Cases by Parcelforce without issue. Just well wrapped in bin liners and duct tape. Size wasn't an issue
  2. At the moment, Police Firearms Instructors have to do the College of Policing course and be licensed by them. That doesn't prevent ex cops returning as Police Staff and being instructors, but outside contractors aren't licensed, so can't train them and qualify them, for now.
  3. Quite possibly, but steel targets don't shoot back, nor do they explode. Rather changes the dynamics somewhat
  4. No idea, each force is different and buy guns and ammo at their own whim and change them frequently depending which way the wind blows. I expect they shot him twice to start with, assumed he was dead, retired to a safe'ish distance to await EOD, whilst high fiving and organising tea and medals. I mean, who wouldn't have thought he was dead. They probably missed all the vital organs, he came round, they thought 'buggar' , as you would when you think a PBIED is about to be clacked off. Got off as many rounds as possible to neutralise the threat, and some of which missed, as you would
  5. I was told well before that, probably a good 1-2years ago. These appear to be ARV though, rather than CTSFO's although I could be wrong. They got there very quick if they were. The CTSFO's I've had dealings with in the past few years are easily recognisable by the clothing being two sizes too small, and the current assortment of badges they now wear, which makes them look like oversize Boy Scouts. They've copied the Sniper Qual badge for Rifle Officers, they have some sort of bird badge (Albatross or Budgie, can't remember) and those who went to the Manchester Bombing (after the eve
  6. Shuggy is correct, the Met CTSFO's did change to .300 Blackout in their MPX's quite a while ago.
  7. I expect they all fancied a go while they could
  8. Anyone who takes issue with trade prices has never run a business. Margins are low as it is, without business rates, gas, electric, salaries, NI, Pensions, stock etc etc Businesses need a profit margin to survive
  9. Sporting services are taking pre-orders from today for the complete rifles, circa £4500
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