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  1. Roy W

    No4 (T)s in Belfast '72

    My first tour was 1987 (RE), which was a construction tour where we built a new HQ for 14 Int, along with RUC Police Stn builds in Plumbridge and Rosslea. We were on Ballykelly base with 2 Grenadier Guards. They were short of numbers and asked us if we could supply some PAX to assist them. We gave them a section, who went off in Guards berets, did some basic trg and spent a few weeks trogging around the south. It was a hard choice for many.....................laying some blocks, bit of concreting, some painting then knock off, into the bar that was built in week 1 and attend the NAAFI for the weekly stomp along with the local female 'Coleraine Commandos' ..............OR...............live rough on compo, trogging over the countryside in the wet winter pretending to know what you were doing! Needless to say, there were not many volunteers!
  2. Roy W

    No4 (T)s in Belfast '72

    They are no.4T rifles so the scopes will be No.32 scopes. By then I would expect they had all been upgraded to Mk3's
  3. Roy W

    No4 (T)s in Belfast '72

    Nah, he'd have been on his resettlement by 1972! 😂
  4. Roy W

    No4 (T)s in Belfast '72

    Strangely Brown will be along in a minute, he was there! They must be true 'Long Range Snipers!'
  5. It's not really difficult. People aren't allowed to drive into a Tier 4 area. So if they opened it would be for the residents of Surrey only
  6. You are correct. Our online booking for last Thursday was cancelled, citing no marker available. we rebooked without a marker and self marked, and the booking was confirmed. The range office does lack proactivity, helpfulness, desire to fill the ranges. You are almost left feeling like you are being a pain trying to book to shoot sometimes!
  7. Bisley is in Tier 4, therefore those in Tiers 1,2,3 can't travel there. For Bisley to remain open in the hope that lots of shooters will break the law to go shooting would be reckless to say the least. Most of their staff were already on furlough, their re-opening business model is probably based on the numbers of staff available to manage things. It's never been run as a business, per-se, you only have to see the way that range bookings are batted off at the drop of a hat to realise that. We've sat waiting 10 days for a single lane to be confirmed recently, on the premis that a larger booking may come along which would take precedent. We cancelled in the end, so there was no booking at all. Like everyone they will have ticked over using the Govt money, will probably slim things down next year or remodel the way they work.
  8. Roy W

    Watch Service

    I was just about to add Robin Martin. Doesn't look much from the outside, but they are old school Horologists and they turned my Omega round in half the estimated time. Robin Martin Portsmouth
  9. anyone handing in a lever release could get £115 compensation for these..................just saying
  10. It might pay to put photos of your actual AICS stock, rather than Sporting Services Advert, people might think it's a scam
  11. Roy W

    Little bit of lockdown fun....

    Which would make Windsor Davies the .455 *** Stopper
  12. Roy W

    Little bit of lockdown fun....

    .22LR - Don Estelle
  13. I think the fact it's Milspec answers the question. Lapua Brass it isn't, but then again, it is good quality for multiple reloads for CSR type shooting. Do the primers actually sit proud? Mine are well below the base of the case.
  14. Does it really make much of a difference? I use GGG swaged brass all the time. in 3 years I have loaded and shot over 13k rounds of it through two ARs, with no primer issues at all. It's Milspec brass after all.

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