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  1. Is this designed to fit over an AI Muzzle Brake? If so, which one? Thanks
  2. An Armalon made one being used on the Ash ETR Range this weekend.
  3. Give Southpoint Firearms a ring, or Armalon https://www.southpointfirearms.co.uk/search.php?search_query=L1A1&section=product MFL Classic Firearms also supply Armalon made rifles. You won't find a cheap one, but they are certainly around for less than £3k.
  4. Manufacturers guide gives loads for 69grain bullets, start lower and work up
  5. with 77 TMKs, mine Chrono at 2730 out of an 18" barrel at 24.5 grains of RS52, with no obvious pressure signs. I suppose there are bound to be variations in different rifles, so the OP should build up etc etc
  6. Buy some RS52. Use 24.5 grains and it will be bang on.
  7. Does the ATX use standard AW/AT mags or does it have it's own type?
  8. Anyone buying from Auction needs to check the fees before they bid and work out what your bid will cost. Typically they are between 28% and 35% depending on auctioneer. As for posting, you aren't just paying the cost of postage, you are paying for the time it takes an employee to get the item, package it, address it, get the postage sorted and dispatch it. Employees cost a lot of money to employ. Most auctioneers use external packaging and posting companies, they will have cost you kore than £20 + vat. I just paid £40 for an item to be collected, packaged and posted. VAT is VAT, the
  9. Some info here The Dirty Dozen
  10. Roy W

    Ar15 magazines

    Probably not. The SMK/TMK are designed to be seated at mag length 2.25/2.26" They'll shoot fine at those COAL
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