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6.5x47 Lapua chamber/neck clearance for F Class


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Gentelmen, I need your advice once again.

I got a new rifle - Sabatti TLD in 6.5x47L. I took measurments of the fired brass and to my surprise the neck on the fired case is only 0.001" larger in diameter than a loaded round... As I'm shooting factory rifles I'm used to much more clearance. I know tight chambers are or were popular in BR, but I'm not sure regarding LR. What kind of clearance are you using? Should I turn the necks?





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What size is the overall neck once you've resized it..

I uniform all my 6.5x47 brass..

Skim of the high spots.

Have you check say 10 pieces of brass..

Maybe you have a batch of brass thats thicker..

Lapua brass..?

If it chambers fine and shoots well then things must be OK.. 

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The fired brass will have sprung back a small amount so the actual clearance between the outside of the neck and the chamber will be greater than 1 thou on diameter.

Is it Lapua brass ?  Generally it's very consistent, I have tried a light skim with a neck turner but it made no difference to performance or chambering.

As above, keep on top of cleaning both the brass and the chamber and all should be well.

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Looking at your fired brass at .291" I would say your neck of your chamber is .292", you get about .001" spring back on a neck.

My most commonly used 6.5x47 reamer also has a .292" neck which works well with Lapua brass either skimmed or out of the box. You could shoot it with .002" clearance or you could give the necks a very light skim just to remove any high sports and aim for a loaded round size of .289"

I like to give my necks a light skim but to be honest if you get the accuracy you want from the loaded rounds at .290" and you dont want to neck turn then dont worry about it, .002" clearance on a neck is fine so long as your keeping things clean.


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Tighter the neck the longer the case life,  less expansion so less likely to split.      Friend of mine, a retired master riflesmith who spent his life working on barrels and actions for double rifles for the best London houses introduced me to fitted necks when he built my 20BR.    His short range fox rifle was a 22.250 he built himself when the caliber was a wildcat,  used the CFT action that he designed for BSA.   Using fitted necks he was getting 80 reloads per case,  the only time they needed binning was through flame erosion.   Most reloading 22.250 cases today will struggle to get 10 loads per case, he was getting 80 + in the 1960s.     

Fitted necks need several extra steps in the reload procedure,  this is a whole different ball game,  the tools and bespoke neck bushes are built specially. 

My 6PPC runs `1.4 thou of clearance using lapua brass,  pretty standard reloading dies/bushing etc,  works fine.

Personally if it shoots well then I would leave yours alone.



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I am awaiting on one of the same Sabati TLD in September. At the moment I shoot a custom made 47L on Mauser action, and chamber was cut with PTG .169 freebore reamer - I have 0.09 mm clearance. 1 or 2 thou sounds fantastic (approx 0.025 - 0.05 mm). If you chamber ok, then no worries. I hope mine will be like that.

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