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7 saum powder choice

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13 minutes ago, Dr.T. said:

... and to answer the OP. My vote goes to n165, at least for a 30-32 inch barrel. You might want a slightly faster powder for a shorter barrel, but others on here are better placed to say.

100.14 at 1000 yards says a lot Craig. I will definitely take note of your response.

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I had 2 blank targets at 300yds,when alot of my shots vbulls and just out the top in the 5 ring which was my fault I should of dialled down an 1/8.

FFS I'm not going to miss the whole target and backer 🤩.

I'm really not that bad Tom.

9th at the British championships was a decent finish

I was shooting with Steve Poutlney at the time I had 2 blank targets and we were both were stunned and questioned it....

About my 5th shot then the 10th shot....

Poo happens

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3 hours ago, No i deer said:

Don't you start aswell 😁

No crossfires reported 😁 

For people who didn't know Elwood won the British championships 🏆

Like I said Neil. I have a long white stick if you need it. I’m here to help 😊🙃

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16 hours ago, No i deer said:

Our bullets are from the same lot number or most of them I think..

Justin read off 2 different lot numbers. He had several boxes off me to top up his stash after my blow ups 🤔.

Is your chamber being throated from the ELDM's..?? 

They have a long bearing surface similar to scenars. 

If it's being reamed with I think is .220 freebore reamer the 180gr eldm will be in the donut area as they are in mine which was throated for 184gr hybrids. Fine if you haven't any donuts.

They like to just kiss the lands..

Mine are set 1 to 2 thousanths in on both my saum barrels when I tried them and with my 284 so I can't see why they wouldn't for you..

Justin's are seated the same or was.

Yes I asked for them to be set out of the doughnut area and will single feed them in needs be as happy to do that with a single follower.

The 180's in my 7 rem mag were just kissing the lands and shot the best there.


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It's people who I shoot with at Dorset rifleman and the GB f class league so don't take any notice.

A note in the British f class championships DrT set a new 1000yds GB f class record 100/14..

20 shots too count plus 2 siter which are convertible.

14 out of his 20 shots were inside the 5 inch vbull.

Another friend of ours Paul Sandie current world No2 shot a 100/12 on the same detail who must of been gutted when he saw DrT's score 🤪. Two outstanding scores 😎

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All 20 of there shots were inside the 1 moa 5 ring. 10 inches for you that are not familiar with f class..

I was on the detail before that and there was a bit more wind picking up and easing and had a 95/6 or 7 I think.. I was aiming from one side the vbull to the other.. my wind calls were decent and if I held waterline I could have shot a 99/6 or 7.

I absalutely loved the competition. It's a great weekend. I really hope the European championships go ahead 🤞

I think im right in saying when they shot them outstanding scores the wind completely died and they were aiming dead centre..

A record that could stand for a very long time..!!

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Yes, the Sunday shoot was great, and 95.6 or 7 was good shooting, Neil - as I understand it, most scores were around 95. Saturday, on the other hand, was a total nightmare and some of the worst conditions I can remember shooting in (actually I came very close to sacking it in and going home)! 

There was undoubtedly some good luck involved on Sunday. Despite how it looked from the firing point, most of us held about 3 MOA mean wind during the final detail (so about 6mph), with most of the wind coming in between around 5-7 mph (so if you held waterline you were going to come off with a good score). What made it really great was the awesome visibility and fairly obvious mirage, so the changes were generally pretty easy to spot. Most of the points lost were due to drop offs, which caused a few threes and fours across the line - there was definitely an element of luck in not squeezing the trigger (or it not being your turn to shoot) when a drop-off appeared.

As to how long the record stands, I bet it won't be for long (although no shooting for a season won't hurt :-) ! As you note, Paul Sandie shot a 100.12 (which actually matched the previous record) and a lot of guys in the league are putting in consistently high scores. 

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Without looking back at my score sheets I can't remember what mean wind I had in.

The contrast between Saturday and Sunday couldn't of been more different....

High windy and heavy rain too a glorious sunshine 😂.

Saturday was a struggle.

Sunday started well dropping only 1 shot in the first detail..

My 5 dropped shots on the last detail cost me several places..

All good fun though..

Roll on the next one 😁

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I checked my score sheet and I had 3 & 1/8 minutes mean wind on.

I did aim off at the edge of the 5 ring several times on the drop offs. 

For anybody who's intrested here's a photo of my plot sheet..

My siters are ringed.

I converted my siters..

Started V then 5 which is a nice way to start 😁.

It wasn't brilliant but decent..



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0.5 minutes is what you need really. Mine was about 3/4 minute.. more than likely driver error or the conditions.!!!

My first 9 shots was 1/4 minute 😊

The rifle/load is probaly capable.

There quite a few shooters on here that could post some better plot sheets than this..It just one from the British championships 

1/4 minute is possible..

The conditions dictate the results

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27 minutes ago, No i deer said:

This was the first 1000yds detail Sunday morning..

It was going well until the 13th shot..

No I deer on why it went there 😂🤣


I didn’t know you are short sighted as well, maybe you misread your Gempro and put another grain of powder in. Don’t worry Neil, Specsavers will be doing their 2 for 1 special again quite soon. I’m sure a pair of bifocals will work a treat. Kill two birds with one stone - you’ll stop missing the target and get more consistent powder charges. Winner winner, 3 legged deer for dinner 😉😂

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2 minutes ago, No i deer said:

Oh it's Justin's disciple again 😂

What a co-incidence 🤪

Please can you clarify what your username is supposed to refer too? As in you have ‘no idea’ or you are ‘a deer with no eyes’. Either one makes sense to me 😂

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Sorry to side track this very entertaining back and forth. I was just wondering why you guys went for a 7 Saum?

i have been considering something new and have seen a few interesting comments about them and they seem like an interesting option. But things like brass seem hard to get in the over here. An in testing post to stumble across when I was considering it as a option, so thought I would pick your brains. Hope you don’t mind. Thanks in advance. 

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If your considering a 7mm saum Dasherman will sort you out.

It's an efflient cartridge that can push a 180gr plus high BC bullet fast enough and accurate enough to win. It looks like a 6.5x47 on steroids 

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