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  1. Good news- Borden has just released a .338 lapua-faced action which is similar in many respects to the superb BRLXD action (with a slightly fatter bolt), and I understand there is a (much) bigger cheytac action on the way.
  2. Dr.T.

    7 saum powder choice

    7 SAUM is a fantastic round - it has very similar performance to a WSM but with around 3-5 grains less powder and everything that goes with that. Notably I have experienced far less elevation and 'flyers' with the SAUM, although I switched to one of Joe West's awesome stocks at the same time, so that might well have played a part! Personally I found it quite a fussy round to load for, but once sorted it's been great. Brass life has been good too- mine has seen at least 10 reloads with annealing after every firing. If you're struggling to source 7 SAUM brass, then another option would be to neck down .300 SAUM Saying that, for your intended use, I would probably lean towards a .284. I haven't owned one myself, but you give up very little speed to a SAUM, they're famously accurate, and you'll get better barrel life. They also use a .308 bolt face so this might influence your choice too.
  3. Dr.T.

    7 saum powder choice

    Yes, the Sunday shoot was great, and 95.6 or 7 was good shooting, Neil - as I understand it, most scores were around 95. Saturday, on the other hand, was a total nightmare and some of the worst conditions I can remember shooting in (actually I came very close to sacking it in and going home)! There was undoubtedly some good luck involved on Sunday. Despite how it looked from the firing point, most of us held about 3 MOA mean wind during the final detail (so about 6mph), with most of the wind coming in between around 5-7 mph (so if you held waterline you were going to come off with a good score). What made it really great was the awesome visibility and fairly obvious mirage, so the changes were generally pretty easy to spot. Most of the points lost were due to drop offs, which caused a few threes and fours across the line - there was definitely an element of luck in not squeezing the trigger (or it not being your turn to shoot) when a drop-off appeared. As to how long the record stands, I bet it won't be for long (although no shooting for a season won't hurt :-) ! As you note, Paul Sandie shot a 100.12 (which actually matched the previous record) and a lot of guys in the league are putting in consistently high scores.
  4. Dr.T.

    7 saum powder choice

    ... and to answer the OP. My vote goes to n165, at least for a 30-32 inch barrel. You might want a slightly faster powder for a shorter barrel, but others on here are better placed to say.
  5. Dr.T.

    7 saum powder choice

    Hi Neil - that's really annoying and sorry to hear that! Good on you though for being open about the misses - there's so much hype and B.S. on the internet that it can make mere mortals feel a bit despondent (like those super long range hunts where every shot is a kill). Hope you're well mate!
  6. Hi all It's been rumored that (as of this year) we will no longer be allowed to use rear bag bases in F- class matches (i.e. the very nice aluminium bases, which house Edgewood bags, and are produced by Dolphin). It is also rumored that the new rule could be met e.g. by fixing the bag to the base. Before I crack open the Araldite, please could somebody point me to the new rule? I read the 2018 ICFRA regulations last night and found nothing of relevance. Many thanks!
  7. Dr.T.

    Rear bag bases - still permitted?

    Thanks- much appreciated!
  8. Dr.T.

    Rear bag bases - still permitted?

    Hi Brillo I heard the rumour from a number of people at GB F class league shoots. Since posting on UKV, there's been a fairly lengthy discussion on the GB F class association FB page, and the general consensus is that nothing has changed. As you note, ICFRA rule F2.9 seems to be the point of contention (specifically reference to "flat top and bottom"), and my personal interpretation is that this relates to the board under a bipod. Either way, by way of a sanity check, the 2014 ICFRA rules also require a "flat top and bottom" and so it would appear that nothing has changed, at least in this regard. Thank you for your help (both here, Brillo; and to the league shooters on FB)!
  9. Hi there I use an Edgewood mini gator (with the "slick" 3M ears plus manbag handle) for F-class (open) and think it's great (both off of a mat and on grass): https://edgebag.com/collections/rear-bags/products/minigater-with-handle You'll see lots of mini gators on the firing point, but the Lenzi seems to be the new "one to have". Whilst they lack the handle, the Lenzis are rumored to be cut from Ferrari leather, and so fashion-minded shooters are guaranteed to be green with envy when you pull up next to them with your new sandbag. Joking aside, I've seen a Lenzi in the flesh and they are very nice indeed. Gary Costello stocks them (https://shop.marchscopes.co.uk/products/lenzi-rear-bags) and I'll most likely go for a Lenzi if/when I wear out my Edgewood. Hope this helps!
  10. Rifle and accessories are now sold to TaylorJ. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of the setup as I did. I'd just like to add that TaylorJ has been a real gent and a pleasure to deal with.
  11. Hi all Due to a change in family circumstances I’m putting my 7-270 WSM rifle (including two stocks and a spare barrel) up for sale. This rifle is extremely accurate and has won numerous medals in the GB F class league and team shoots in the F class European Championships. The rifle would be ideal for anyone interested in shooting F class (open) and long range shooting. Details: Single shot RPA quadlite action chambered in 7-270 WSM (by Dolphin Rifles). Robertson GB F class stock - pillar bedded. McMillan A5 stock - pillar bedded. Current Bartlein 9 twist barrel and accompanying brass (x90). Brand new (proof rounds only) 7-270 WSM barrel (Bartlein 1 in 9 twist; .316 neck; throated for Berger 180gr hybrids by Dolphin Rifles). RPA two-stage trigger. Attached is a photograph of the most recent five-shot ammunition test measuring less than 2.5 inches at 1000 yards (photographed at Bisley in 2017). The same barrel has since fired approx 160 rounds (current round count = approx. 1000). Load data are available. The rifle is currently at The Country Store (Sawston, Cambridgeshire) and can be shipped to your local RFD. I’m open to sensible offers and the rifle will shortly be advertised on Guntrader for £2395. Separately available to the buyer are: Redding competition micrometer seating die (including "VLD" seating stem). Approx 1300 Berger 180 hybrids. K&M 7mm neck turning tool. 150x brand new neck-turned and fully prepped Norma brass. Nightforce NXS 12-42x56 rifle scope (CH3 reticule) and Badger Ordnance mounts. Kind regards Craig
  12. Hi all - thank you for the PM's. Tajlorj has first refusal on the rifle, stocks, barrels and accessories.
  13. Thanks Taylorj - PM replied to. The original post has been amended to show that the spare barrel is also a Bartlein.
  14. Thanks BD and Re-Pete! Re-Pete: my understanding is that Navitimers were/are made larger so that you can get sensible info out of the slide rule. This one is on the new(ish) in-house B-1 movement which (to my knowledge) only comes with a 46mm face, at least in the Nav. It's certainly a bit clunkier than my quartz watches but not annoyingly so. As for other self-winding watches, perhaps someone more "in the know" can answer that one - I expect it has something to do with fashion trends and the fact that you have to fit a mechanical movement inside the case?
  15. Hi all It's been a life-long ambition of mine to own a Navitimer. Inspired (at least in part) by this thread, and coupled with the "savings" I've made by not travelling to Canada to shoot F class, I finally took the plunge... Hope it's of interest!
  16. Assuming this is the green-stocked Borden at The Country Store in Sawston... I've had a play with this rifle and it is a seriously nice piece of kit.
  17. I have no experience with a .284 but have used 180 VLDs and 180 hybrids in my 7-270WSM (specifically, 2 barrels' worth of VLDs and very nearly a barrel's worth of hybrids). Personally, I found the VLDs to be extremely sensitive to seating depth. The VLD solution (in my barrels at least) was to jam/ soft seat them, although brass life seemed to suffer. The hybrids were much easier to tune, although they didn't respond well to jamming/ soft seating or just touching. Once off of the lands, I found they were fairly insensitive to jump until about 25 thou out, at which point I stopped testing. I settled on about 8 thou off the lands. In *my* experience, the hybrids have been a lot more consistent and a lot less fussy. Saying that, the VLDs were more accurate when in tune. As Ian said, "Try both and see what the rifle likes". For what it's worth, my next barrel has been throated for hybrids...
  18. A seriously nice rifle - someone will be very happy with that.
  19. Dr.T.

    Bullet pointing with Forster Co-Ax

    I use the Hoover system to trim and point, and can highly recommend it. Before trimming and pointing, I also pre-sort the heads based on their base-ogive length (using a Sinclair comparator). Not sure this makes much difference in itself (just like many other steps in reloading, I suppose), but the Sinclair comparator makes it relatively painless. As Laurie said - there's *little point* [couldn't resist the pun] in going through all this faff unless you're shooting long range, and even then the benefits are fairly minimal .
  20. Dr.T.

    Brexit? A quick poll

    Political preferences aside - Brexit has already cost me over a tenner on my new (Austrian) trigger and that was at 0607 this morning! First world problems I suppose!
  21. Dr.T.

    Forster Co-Ax Press

    It's an excellent press. As above, I'm not sure the ammo is any better but it's a pleasure to use. Saying that, I don't use it to seat primers, and I remove the arm entirely for everything except FL sizing (you can simply hold the top of the "yoke").
  22. Very nice scope - if only it had come up for sale a couple of months ago...
  23. Dr.T.

    Query on Annealing

    As above - no need whatsoever, and it would just seem to add to the work. In fact, I was annealing some 7-270WSM necks last night and they were cool enough to touch within no time (a minute or so). Takes a leap of faith mind you...

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