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  1. Up for sale is my T3 GRS laminate stock as have moved to an MDT chassis. The stock is professionally pillar bedded. Sadly but in no way does it affect the accuracy there was a crack in the grip area that was also professionally repaired by a gunsmith and caused me no issues. £300 posted
  2. This is a very nice full hunting set up and cost over 2k new. I never got to hunt with it but enjoyed the practice Spec is as follows. PSE EVO EVL 32 " LEFT HAND in Verde camo. Draw current set at 62 lbs ( 70 max I believe ) and 28" draw. Supplied in SKB 4214i hard wheelie case 4 x Victory v force arrows Spot Hogg wise guy wrist release Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg sight Trophy ridge 10" stabiliser Qad hdx arrow rest £1350 posted
  3. Selling my Garmin foretrex 701. Comes with the added temp sensor also as an extra. Boxed and in very good condition £350 inc posted RMFC
  4. For swap or sale I require 34mm high mounts so will swap these ( for similar quality ) or sell for £70
  5. For sale is my metal T3 Waterman 5 round magazine. I used it for my 7 SAUM but it takes many other cartridges, see the screenshot attached. £85 posted
  6. GRS Sporter laminate for a Tikka T3/T3X in Green mountain cammo Brand new still in the box and only removed for pictures. Now surplus to requirements and selling to fund more gun stuff:) £350 posted SOLD PENDING PAYMENT
  7. 250 x 7mm 168 grain vld hunting same lot.£60 posted/100£30 posted/50128 x 7mm 168 grain vld hunting.Same lot. £70 posted.
  8. Well thqt is certainly some fine shooting even with no13 upsetting your group. I will be more than happy with .5 moa and single digit es for my requirements. Can't be too far off getting the rifle back now. Will go for N165 and eldm 🤞
  9. Really have to be on top of your reloading to get fantastic results like that !! Very good and I very much doubt i will ever achieve that at 1000 yards 😂
  10. Can't beat a goid bit of banter mind that is some fantastic shooting and scores to match. 14 inside the 5" at 1000 is amazing. I would be happy to see 3 of mine in there !!!
  11. Seems like your getting a bit of stick too for having yours blow up 😂
  12. Yes I asked for them to be set out of the doughnut area and will single feed them in needs be as happy to do that with a single follower. The 180's in my 7 rem mag were just kissing the lands and shot the best there.
  13. That is fantastic shooting and a group to be proud of !! Such a shame as you say in the back of your mind is the possibility of a blow up. I have 250 on hand so may as well see how I get on with them and cross that bridge if I get to it. Funny how Justin has had no problems. Must be a batch issue and hopefully something Hornady are looking in to as they have a great bullet there !!
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