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  1. Good mods, I've 3 DM80 mods 👍
  2. Barrelsniffer

    The British Sniper, A Century of Evolution

    Great book 👍
  3. Barrelsniffer

    Are Zoli now making the shotguns for the SF

    Just a custom engraving.
  4. Unable to send you a PM ref the case wallets....can you check you're inbox isn't full
  5. Barrelsniffer


    Ive never seen them for sale by any retailer in uk, only by guys selling as second hand. i.e. eBay etc.
  6. Barrelsniffer

    Electronic ear defenders

    I was in same position few weeks ago looking for new and better ear defence and was using the howard leights for quite a few yrs, i posted similar post on here to see what the guys suggested were good, i recently bought the MSA Sordin with gel pads, but as yet due to lock down unable to try them out but heard good reviews from guys on here.
  7. Its never going to be as "Good" as a solid prone position, but i use mine for foxing and stalking where i can leave the rifle on the tripod while I'm scanning with either spotting scope/bino/thermal and easily hit tgts out to 300 yds with ease, the monfrotto i had was a bit heavy to carry around hence why i sold and went carbon which is much easier. I have tried the the primos trigger sticks that many rave about, had 2 both broke, luckily not with my rifle on, also use the viper quad sticks but much prefer the tripods as its a hands free operation until you go to squeeze the trigger.
  8. I was using a manfrotto 055XPROB with a pistol grip 322RC2 with monkey clamp for many yrs and that one is very sturdy, now sold on and using the Rekon as its carbon, but have a few mates who still use the manfrotto.
  9. Barrelsniffer

    No more gun stuff allowed on Freeads

    Ive used the site quite well over the past 2 yrs of being on it, just gone in and had a look and yes all gone, so have asked them to delete my account. 😡
  10. I was looking at one a few months back for my Swarovski 10 x 42 EL and emailed them asking same question they said XL...not sure if their is much difference in size between them.
  11. Barrelsniffer

    Hearing protection MSA or Peltor ?

    Cheers for the replies guys looks like the MSA's are coming out on top 👍
  12. Due to recent damage to my ears i have now started wearing "on ear protection" for foxing etc, currently using the Impact models but want to get something better so have narrowed it down to either MSA or peltors (msa sordin supreme pro x or 3M Peltor ComTac XPI) Any guys on here have first hand use of either or any other recommendations ? Mick
  13. Barrelsniffer

    .243 87gr Vmax. Which powder

    I use this bullet in my 1/10 tikka using Vit160 and Cci large primers to good effect.
  14. If no joy above I've one of these for sale brand new, never used it as yet, looking for 200 plus postage https://uk.hawkeoptics.com/airmax-30-sf-compact-4-16x44-amx-ir.html

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