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Borden Timberline 7mm Rem Mag


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Borden Timberline, combined long range target and deer managment rifle for a discerning customer.

Basic spec:

Borden Timberline magnum action

Sassen 9 twist, Med Palma stainless Barrel, threaded to M18x1mm with protective cap

Triggertech trigger ajusted to 1lb

Atlasworx bottom metal with guard release mech

Accurate Mag 5 round mag

PSE Composite E-Tac 3, with flush cups, picatinny rail and painted coyote tan, with black speckles

Borden stainless picatinny bases

Action, bases, bolt shround and handle coated in satin black Cerakote

Action bedded in the stock


Very functional rifle system, which will achieve the high level of accuracy expected by the end user.



















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On 1/21/2018 at 12:28 PM, meles meles said:

Very impressive ! We're surprised that the 7mm RM isn't more popular in this country though, it's a great cartridge. Do you know what the final weight was, with / without scope?

Thank you


The rifle now has a Nightforce 5.5 - 22 scope attached and weighs 13 lbs

I think the rifle without weighed a little over 10 lbs without scope, rings or sling.


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Had some feed back from the owner of the rifle, who has been busy load testing.


First three shot group with the rifle after barrel break in;








Sadly one shot pulled but a ten round group with the same load; it appears to shoot :)



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Very nice indeed, do you know the weight of the pse ? And how does it compare to say McMillan in weight ? I think there lighter but by how much? Thanks for any info.

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The bare PSE E tac 3 weighed 900 grams - there is no flex in the E tac.


A comparable Mcmillan (A5 or Manners T2 for example) are heavier and not as stiff.

Ive owned several Mcmillan and Manners stocks on various rifles ive built, the PSe are lighter (like for like)


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The PSE stocks have carbon fibre pillars built in during construction, therefore require only a skim of bedding compound to create 100% action / stock contact.

In a similar way to the V block designs used by AICS, HS Precision and other alloy chassis, the PSE stock are improved with bedding.

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As far as I know the short picatinny section are still sold by Borden

An alternative would be Talley bases and rings which I have used on a few builds with Borden actions

I suggest you speak to Callum (Precision Rifle Services) as that is my source for all things Borden / Talley in the UK



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Ok, the last ringset came as 34mm as it was being used to fit a T96 Polar Scope to the Borden I’d made for the customer (not this thread)

Talley def do 34mm rings for their bases - speak to PRS as they are the UK importer


See link to images of the scope / ring set on the finished rifle




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