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  1. Chikentikka


    Youre right bob, i suppose there will be different trends around the country and everyone has their preference, just have to look at what you want from said 204 sako
  2. Chikentikka


    Rimfires kill plenty of foxes, as do 20 cf but 300+ yard shots are regular around me, and the light bullets struggle. The 22s are better for longer ranges as are 6mms, and for those shots when you’re just not sure how far it is (I’m sure you’ll know, being interested in nv) why limit yourself
  3. Chikentikka


    I’m talking about little bullets wounding foxes for others to find.. perplexing I know
  4. Chikentikka


    if you reload.. 20-250 or 20x47. 55grainers at warp speed. or go for a hot 22(creedmoor) or a 6mm. you cant kill something too much but can sharp send something running off with a gaping hole in its shoulder for doris to find in her garden watering the geraniums.
  5. Vortex ranger for sale, ranges out to 1k on a clear day, 800 on a crappy one. Has angle adjustable brightness etc. Works perfect used for stalking just upgraded to a bluetooth rf. Will post pics tomorrow 120 posted
  6. Chikentikka

    Any 22 creedmoor shooters?

    Foxinmad is that pushing them hard? My 65 284 is very accurate with bergers but they dont seem to kill so went with the eldm, perform just like the amax but not as accurate. Ordered some 69 tmks to try, will start with reloader 19 and maybe some imr
  7. Chikentikka

    Any 22 creedmoor shooters?

    Keep us updated kev, was going to go off 22-243 load data -1.5 grain. Ill be necking down 6 creedmoor lapua brass. Would fireform 22-250 but want the small primer.
  8. Chikentikka

    Any 22 creedmoor shooters?

    I think i have an itch that wants scratching, and without going ai 22-250 wont match the 22cm for the heavies
  9. Chikentikka

    Any 22 creedmoor shooters?

    Would be a 24" , what powder? N550? Or would imr 4350 be better, a little faster. Cant find alot of data for 69/70s the stuff you find on bullet manufacturers etc seems a little tame across the board
  10. Just wondering if there are and 22 creedmoor shooters here hiding in the dark. Have a 22-250, will rebarrel and push the 69 tmks or 70 bergers at warp speed. For foxing etc so not concerned about barrel life (wearing parts!)
  11. Chikentikka

    Borden Timberline 7mm Rem Mag

    I can only see 1" and 30mm on their website?
  12. Chikentikka

    Borden Timberline 7mm Rem Mag

    Cheers for that i will have a look, talleys are no go as my scope has a 34mm tube!
  13. Chikentikka

    Borden Timberline 7mm Rem Mag

    Old post I know, was admiring the rifle when I saw the bases. can you still get those from Borden? I have a timberline with a tier one black rail on it and spoils the rifle really
  14. Chikentikka

    what action

    borden 1250-1400 for the one you will want I think!

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