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  1. Welcome. I would say with your lack of deer experience. Going out and buying a rifle and trying to cull deer isn't the best way about it. Go with someone that's an experienced stalking and who has time to be able to share his/her knowledge. Watch them, learn and then perhaps after a few outings you will also get to pull the trigger. The key here is no rush just sock it up. You're going to become a much better stalker buy following one than stumbling round the woods with a rifle on your own. Good luck.
  2. Which version are people using R or B and why? Been thinking about get a set for a while now but can't quite get my head round the difference and how that will reflect in the field. Would be using them for target and varmint so want fast shooting solution whatever range and angle. Do you guys use them more as rangefinder and then put info into another app for actual solution?
  3. The odd fox but not really my varmint rifle. Mainly deer slayer, at which it's unsurprisingly V good at. 6.5 SAUM, Bighorn courtesy of Paddy Dane.
  4. Hi. Does the sizer bump the shoulder as well as size neck? Do these have bushing with them or are they compatible with Redding bushings? Thanks
  5. Be a fun way to burn a barrel. Def on my bucket list.
  6. Probably help to know if it's target or hunting? Mag fed?
  7. Sorry to piggy back on this but kind a relevant. Anyone using the spuhr hunting mounts?
  8. Owned since new. Great condition, just slight signs of wear, rubbing on turrets etc. CW Turrets in mils Mil3 Ret. £1300
  9. This is the large tactical knob to fit a Bighorn action. £45 posted
  10. My WHV, now nearly 11, I'l be looking for a pup soon but she'll be hard to beat. Her hard on point. Other while waiting for a stag.
  11. Hell of a lot of scope for under £1500. Worth every penny.😍
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