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  1. Hobbit

    KRG Industry folder

    Bob Your very welcome I would also point out that March got me the replacement bolts free of charge (zero chance of that with Beretta) and I now have used a little loctite give that once it is set there is rarely a need to move it. Fitting it was very simple - although the plastic on it has a slightly more matt finish than my older TRG so not a perfect match but no odds to me.
  2. Hobbit

    KRG Industry folder

    You can see adjustment potential of the KRG stock here. Not a great photo but what I had on the phone. The shiny thing is the shooting shed bag rider - very stable and easy to remove.
  3. Hobbit

    KRG Industry folder

    I have the KRG stock fitted on on my TRG that I got from Gary at March scopes. It was half the price of a SAKO folder. I think it is a beautifully built bit of kit with excellent adjustment, good weight and the folder works well and makes cleaning easy without losing your set up. The one thing I would say is that you need to be careful to keep the cheek piece thumb wheel tight because if it comes out you can loose it - I lost the bolt once which was annoying although March got me two as replacements inside a week from TRG - would not expect that from beretta but could be being unfair. So a really well made bit of kit that performs well but needs sensible care and is not "trench warfare tactical", a bit like my BAT VR action. hope that helps The TRG was my first grown up rifle and I really like it but I do object to the pricing policy of Beretta on TRG accessories like the stock , mags and bipod etc. I got the rifle as a 2nd hand package off this website with the bipod but I now use an atlas adapter with picatinney and either an atlas or a Dolphin F/FTR bipod depending on what shooting I am doing. Having picked up a AI AXMC in 300 WM for HME compliant long range I pimped the TRG up a bit with a 28 " proof bull barrel and shooting shed bag rider alongside the KRG stock at atlas adapter. No stalking rifle I accept and perhaps not one for the purist but it puts a smile on my face. Will try to put a photo up.
  4. Hobbit

    284 win & 162g ELDX

    I use the 162 eld-X in my blaser 7x64 with RS62 its only a 23 inch barrel and I get 2750 in warm load - am on hols at the mo but will look it up - jump is 20 thou
  5. Hobbit

    Tips on loading 303 for a Lee enfield No.4

    Terry - very helpful - Thanks i picked up my No.4 mk2 on Saturday - it was regulated by Fultons and then had a Criterion barrel fitted by Richard at Devizes I believe. Not a great collectible but less excuses for me on the shooting front. The limiting factor was very much me - not used to iron sights, sling shooting and brass butt plates (I need better technique or more than a t-shirt - have a decent bruise on my shoulder after 70 rounds) so can't comment on accuracy until I bench it or just get better. I bought both the fultons and the HPS PPU case/174SMK based ammo. I did not use the o ring this time and was surprised at the case growth (65 though using a Hornady head space / cartridge comparator gauge!) - does this sound normal? i'll give my lee collet a polish and use that. Might bump the shoulder a though or so with a Redding body die too. Will then magneto speed the results and post them.
  6. Dolphin is run by Mik. Mik is a highly competitive F class shooter and has managed the UK F class team I believe. Many F and FTR shooters use his products. I am not knowledgable about F class but I have one of his rifles and he has rebarrelled 3 others of mine and he did a great job. So for what it is worth I struggle to imagine a stock he has built for F class not doing the job unless not set up properly.
  7. Hobbit

    Tips on loading 303 for a Lee enfield No.4

    Terry how does the "O seal" method work? what is it? I have a lee collet die I am planning to use - it is a 303 one - what fettling is required?
  8. Hobbit

    Tips on loading 303 for a Lee enfield No.4

    got it - thanks - are you happy with the Walther (I assume) barrel accuracy??
  9. Hobbit

    Tips on loading 303 for a Lee enfield No.4

    I heard that the flat base / spitters can be more accurate due to bearing surface as well - is the SMK HPBT all about better BC but with a potential accuracy penalty??
  10. Hobbit

    Tips on loading 303 for a Lee enfield No.4

    Triffid Thank you and will do - I think with old rifle the barrels are so different (apparently even grove sizes vary 311-320+ !!) that the load needs to be tailored as you say. Quick load has 44gr N140 as being plain dangerous in its version of a 303 barrel btw at almost 55kpsi In a very worn throat the pressure would likely not get so high - so its on a per rifle basis as you say
  11. Hobbit

    Tips on loading 303 for a Lee enfield No.4

    Thank you, do you know what MV you got with that - I assume it was a 25.2inch barrel?
  12. Hobbit

    Christensen MPR

    There appears to be an MPR on gun trader and Rifleman firearms appear to be an importer https://www.guntrader.uk/guns/rifles/christensen-arms/bolt-action/6-5mm-creedmoor/mpr-180810131106005 I have a Cristensen arms TFM stock with a BAT VR action and proof carbon barrel built by Dolphin. c10lbs with the March scope. It shoots very well (as it should with those bits) and I think the proof barrels are very good, even under sustained fire (approved by US military for full auto apparently) but I would say. 1, A bartlein would be as/more accurate at lower cost and more choice in profile and length - just heavier 2, The TFM stock is very 'tacticool' but (in retrospect with more experience) I reckon a PSE composites stock with LOP spacers would be lighter and less fiddly 3, Mik at Dolphin found Cristensen fairly unresponsive too good luck
  13. Hobbit

    Tips on loading 303 for a Lee enfield No.4

    Thanks - will have a look for a copy, Any thoughts on accurate N140 loads with the Sierra 174gr HPBT matchking? I have seen 41.5 or 42gr recommended As you say - there is a Stephen Redgwell load of 44gr of N140 for the No.4 but I suspect that is one to work up to I wonder if anyone on here has don the load testing with N140 on a No.4
  14. Hello would be great to get some advice on loads (N140 especially) and projectiles for a Lee enfield After a series of comparatively precision focused rifles, AI AXMC, TRG, Dolphin (BAT+Proof) etc I have got a Lee Enfield No.4 I got it for shooting not collecting so this is a Mk2 Fazakerly fulton regulated with Parker hale 5C sights and one of the newish criterion barrels I am not expecting BAT accuracy obviously and the iron sights themselves will provide new challenges but I would like to minimise ammo related variability. My current plan is to use the sierra matchking 174gr hpbt and Vhit N140 (the former were recommended and I have a lot of N140 for the 308s ). I have a redding body die to bump the shoulder 2 thou to ensure chambering and consistency and reasonable case life with a lee collet neck die (I am using these in a number of calibers instead on my expensive redding micrometer bushing neck dies - as I get better concentricity with unturned brass). I have PPU once fired brass that was a bargain but heard the flash holes are oversized, is Hornady really much better? any other projectiles to consider, N140 load data or better powder, any tips and tricks? Thanks for any info or advice
  15. Great point and obvious really but magneto speed in their wisdom don't do a No. 4 pig-sticker, No.9 socket or No.7 mk 1 attachment for their chronograph but we can at least enjoy the increasingly niche answer to a niche question😃 - thanks to Kalahari minor in the 4th row 🤔

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