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  1. cheers Vince, really enjoy the content thank you
  2. Hi I am trying to access Target Shooter magazine that Laurie and Vince write for to view some articles on hand loading (from Laurie's reloading bench column) and can't get the site to open on any device. Is the site closed, down for maintenance, moved?? Thanks
  3. A close up, I may chop the extra tube off with the dremel but no hurry as it is not in the way and weighs nothing
  4. Wanted to share the following in case useful for Magnetospeed users with MKmount - I have a 30” barrel on my AI AXMC and use the brake ‘ mod set up so I need at least 2 of the rods to put the bayonet in the right place A 3 steel rod “string” from MK machining weight 1.4kg! I bought a 1m tube made of 3k carbon fibre from amazon - 15.7mm OD to match the 5/8” rods from MK. It weighs nothing, a few grams and seems to deflect less given it is not sagging under its own weight
  5. Thanks for the reply John - wasted shots are a massive no-no for load testing - what calibres did you use with it? did you use the recoil trigger? incidentally, when I tried to buy a Labradar off MK machining at same time as the mount (based on cost given transport was a flat fee) the guy I spoke to said: a, can’t sell to Europe, he did not know why but this thread has enlightened me on the power levels and EU rules b, not to bother as the magnetospeed work better
  6. I have just acquired an MK mount for my AI AXMC which fits well (not used in anger yet due to covid) but obviously this relies on the pic rails on the hand guard and is less useful for R8 or lee Enfield hence my interest in the Labradar
  7. Hi may I ask why you switched? I have a V3 magnetospeed but the labradar seems handy in theory for a multi rifle session but it also sounds anecdotally to be fussy, power hungry and potentially fragile
  8. For fans of the Lee collet neck dies I have found that the Lee 280 remington/7mm express collet die will do a job, as Laurie suggested, on the 7x64 neck after FL sizing. I have not done a side by side comparison with the sinclair mandrel on run out etc
  9. Ok - that makes sense thank you
  10. Yes - you are right but if you measure the case stretch (in my case up to 15 thou in both AI and Blaser) and then set the body die to bump it 2 though back you can avoid over working the brass. This is what I meant. Cheers
  11. Terry Got one! 👍 - have been practising with it and find it very usable - my plan is to use a Lee collet neck die with a redding body die to bump the shoulder 2 thou / headspace of shoulder and resize above the belt with the below when required I've got a redding competition bushing neck sizing die but have not got the low run out as with the Lee collet die in 308 of 6.5CM - to be honest I can't see how you could without uniformly (turned) case necks - any thoughts here?
  12. Terry I will be using these Fed LR Mags - glad they worked well - No.215's I think -
  13. Thank you for that - a very interesting read! For the benefit of others the link above is to Laurier piece on SRP's The earlier LRP article is here http://www.targetshooter.co.uk/?p=1471 I will let you know how I get on!
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