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  1. NOT Missing any "fact" The minor FACT that it's NOT listed AS AN OBSOLETE CAL and therefore automatically exempt/has antique status is the issue here. Well versed with the FAC requirement for guns that will be used, irrespective of age of gun...
  2. Yip It's all obvious really when you look at it....unless you stone cold sober of course! Makes about as much sense as most Home Office edicts.... Will print off the reply and run it by the local FLO chaps to get their take on it - though I have been told by a local club member that his 12.7 Swede IS seen as Section 58/Obsolete by Durham. Updates in due course!
  3. Would you take £90 posted for the Redding case neck wall thickness guage and pilots




    1. Bukshot


      Hi Mike,

      Yes OK £90 posted is fine. Can you do payment via paypal (family/friends please otherwise they'll charge me a fee). My paypal contact is 


      Let me have your address details and I'll pop it in the post Mon/Tues.



    2. FB66


      Sorry to mess you about have managed to scrounge one off someone in our club

  4. Folk who own a S.58 but wish to shoot it, have it added to their FAC so they can possess ammunition and take it to a range. The reverse can also take place; stop using a S.58 for shooting, but wish to retain it as a S.58 - inform the FEO & have it removed from the FAC The latter example WOULD be it coming off his FAC.... As I posted - I am getting contradictory information on IF they are S.58 or not. HOW would him moving it from his FAC onto mine "create a problem"? Maybe it WOULD be easier IF I WAS "an RFD"? I'll start the process now: get Section 5 alarms & security inst
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