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  1. Own a few - going back over 25 years Never had any issues of any sort Much prefer the original Walker trigger to the replacement they came up with Zero issues with extraction, no parts fell off, etc. Above is based on ownership of several 700 models at the same time - presently run a 308, a 7.62, a 6.8, and a 338 - my 223 has not long been with the RFD pending a trade
  2. Sold. £11 per box. Want them packing to stop the postman squashing them? £11 isn't the most I've had someone pay for an empty box.... Cash, cheque, bitcoin, gold bullion, greenshield stamps or luncheon vouchers?
  3. That's what the bucket is being used for. Have read of a few other ways to strip the moly...so that's the plan once a couple of other projects are done first. Cheers
  4. No takers (aside from the NOT very tempting one of £10 per 100 from krakkerjack) so the bucket gets them...
  5. Never adopted it, and heard mixed reports of its effectiveness... May not need to worry though, been offered £50 for all four boxes!!
  6. Just checked; 4 sealed boxes of 100. Nobody local to me uses moly coated, or they'd have gone ages ago.
  7. AFTER it had been Proof Tested it would THEN have been going on its merry way....NOT before The CORRECT way around selling ANY gun without Proof (though I could name at least one importer I worked for who would have pre-sold/allocated guns before they hit the UK, let alone before they left Proof)
  8. Breathing is fine thanks 😁 Yes, agree, the topic has switched somewhat....that does not mean that both the RFD and the FIO/Police are not equally at fault. The latter, from events today, seem to have it as "department policy" that ANY un-Proofed gun going through an RFD is deemed to be illegal, so must be passed to the Police. The former, the original reason for the thread, for not knowing the Firearms Act(s) relating to this scenario, plus this could all have been avoided if the RFD in question refused to accept it, as I would just have either used another RFD or even taken it to the
  9. FEO FIO is acting on behalf of the Police; so it's ok for them to accuse someone of criminal actions? If said FEO FIO has no powers to conduct an interview, it further begs the question WHY was he interviewing me & making false accusations? EDIT - been informed that the title job changed is no longer FEO = E for Enquiry, it is FIO, I for Investigation
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