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  1. saddler

    ray mears knife

    A Wright selling them new for £168 No mention of Miss Mears on their website...it's a standard Scandi style bushcraft knife made popular by Mears and a few others. Always used as a bit of a sales patter angle when customers are browsing. A nice little shop too, call in whenever I am passing... Yours looks to have had a bit of use, with damage to the scabbard, so likely closer to what you paid for it than the current RRP
  2. Look like 30-rd models not 20-rd
  3. I'll try that excuse with the entertainment committee, she's got more pairs of boots than the Guards Depot
  4. Some cracking boots there, pity ya got ballerina sized feet or I'd have had a air or two 😉
  5. Any maker info., or country of origin?
  6. saddler


    I just say "copper fittings" or "Nothing on the restricted list"
  7. Seen a 45 Colt lever action at Bisley once that had a sound mod. fitted Forget the make though....may be a case of checking with someone like Jackson Rifles or one of the other dealers who specialise in mods Nice to see some folk are getting stuck into the daytime drinking early on, no point wasting another lockdown weekend... 😁
  8. saddler


    Bullets (projectiles)? Anyone you want can be the courier, even one of the Royal Mail options. Try the price comparison sites to see who has the best deal.... IF however you mean ammunition - good luck. Scotland is still officially in lockdown so not easy to cross the border without good reason.
  9. OK, thanks. Will pass.
  10. Interested if it is marked as Parker Hale
  11. saddler

    .22 AR mags that look 'right'.

    It's specific to the M261 conversion - not sure if it could be modified to other designs than the M261/Olympic Arms/Bremmer version The problem with the .22lr AR models is they all seem to use their own magazine designs, so the feed position & angle vary from one model to another - some are at the front of the magwell, others more centred. Main US retailer is Gun Parts Corp - https://www.gunpartscorp.com/products/932300A - they sell for $18.95, so not as good as the BDM 25-rd option for $15 Looks like:
  12. saddler

    Sellers sending bought items

    Been lucky with Hermes so far, I think all couriers have their bad moments. Yodel is the exception, they use a stopped clock business model and actually force themselves to get something right twice a day; not easy to do for them as it's ingrained & likely part of their staff recruitment process...NEVER heard anyone have a good thing to say about Yodel Some of my worst experiences - and fairly frequent, is the privatised Royal Snail or the offshoot ParcelFarce. They are the 2nd last firm I use next to Yodel. Just had a DHL mix-up too. My order left Berlin in mid-late April, then it sat in Frankfurt for a couple of weeks, then it sat in New Jersey for about 4 weeks, then it was back to Germany for about 4 days, then it was delivered in England 3 days later; even though there was a note on the door to say "DO NOT DELIVER, etc."...so they returned the next day to take it back to Berlin. Not a good result, yet they've twice got me parcels from the USA (on Xmas weekends), which were around 60lb in weight but arrived within 72 hours door to door. The Berlin sender of the recent package said he thought is was "...maybe because of Brexit..."
  13. saddler

    .22 AR mags that look 'right'.

    I use a couple of .22 Bremmers that are based on the US Issue M261 conversion. The magazine of the original system comprises of a 10-rd small metal unit...which is wiggled into a donor full sized STANAG magazine. It has the advantage of being usable in most sizes of AR15 mag, plus the donor magazine can be one that is well past normal use with chewed up or otherwise boogered feed lips, as the 10-rd insert uses it's own internal spring and feed lips, etc. The minor annoyance - the insert is only 10-rd = but Black Dog offer a M261 model in either 25-rd or ITAR friendly 10-rd* options = $15 a pop, with orders over $100 then getting 25% off. Only got one of the BDM units so far, so not tried them for fit inside a metal AR body: it could finally be a way to find a use for the awful RG SA80 jobs... * the 10-rd BDM mags take about 5 minutes to convert back to standard 25-rd capacity
  14. saddler

    Steyr SSG Magazine Housing

    NICE - small changes but they look like a big change up from the Version1 print - so the Version3 will be that much better again. Watching the progress with interest....great how technology has made such things possible without involving toolmakers and the like (not that I don't miss the lack of such skills these days too)

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