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  1. Quite a few books here on the history of Lapua as the state ammunition factory, most with very specific topics, ie how many hundred .308/.311 bullet types they designed post-WW1 to get the newly independent Finland on it's feet & able to defend itself against the former master, Soviet Russia. You'd be welcome to have a look at them though they don't have free crayons in the front ya Hexhamite sheep worrier. Have some nice Sako made 50gr FMY that are for Arctic Fox & similar, as ya know...but I'd be surprised if they were meant to be pushed at sub-sonic speeds
  2. They'd not be allowed for deer or similar, but may have a use for pest control where noise was an issue
  3. Killing people, ie enemy combatants. IF they'd been intended for use on animals then they'd not have been made with an FMJ bullet Various international rules of warfare stipulate that bullets designed to expand cannot be used by the military = the police, yes
  4. How many once-fired Hornady 338 do you have? Any .50-cal M33 spec FMJ bullets?
  5. May be an idea to fill in your profile or your ads may get pulled
  6. What rifling twist rate is it? Dia. at muzzle?
  7. The Armalon proprietary magazine conversion in .223 uses a modified Colt magazine - or at least the one I bought in 1997 and all the other 223's I have seen did = they have a small amount of metal removed on the top edges of the mag. - an easy job of you have a jig - or Armalon can modify magazines for a fee.
  8. saddler

    Canine companions

    Ted - trying to get online
  9. Never seen any restricted 20-rd Colt magazines = though my new Colt AR15A2 back in 1985 came with 2 x 5rd magazines (but removing the floor plate allowed you to drop out the restrictor insert & restore them to full 20-rd capacity - the 5-rd "thing" was to comply with US hunting laws) Nice rifles - mine has behaved very well for over 2 decades 😀
  10. Written list states it is a Model 62 - so takes .22LR & also L & S
  11. The best .22 bolt actions I have owned were both BRNO models My first .22 bolt gun was an Anschutz - shot really well, even though it was their more basic model - but it was cheaper to sell it an buy a used BRNO than it was to buy a spare magazine for it BOTH my Model 2 and the Model 1 I replaced it with were really accurate rifles - and the magazines are around £20 each when bought direct from the current maker. I have heard of other rimfires where the spare magazines are the wrong side of £50+ If you do a little looking around you'll likely find a Model 2 for around £100, and they are much better built than the CZ copies of them
  12. saddler

    Issues with offset rifle scopes?

    A long established problem, but for other reasons The WW2 Garand sniper rifle could only be clip loaded from the top, so a scope was offset on the left of the receiver and a special cheekrest made to push the cheekweld over by the same amount to allow the eye to be inline with the scope - there had been a few similar scopes set up this way in WW1 as well to allow stripper clip feeding. Early gun designs before regular/obligatory scope usage became a thing were commonly top eject. To allow scope use on this type of gun, some firms had side mounts to allow scope fitting without interference with the cartridge ejection. The main firm that did make these mounts was Weaver - they are still available As to convergence - the scope is offset to the bore by maybe an inch or so - but parallel. I'd say for the average shooter you'd be pushed to tell the difference on target once the scope is zero'd on paper - but maybe if a modern scope is used notes could be made for the correct windage mark for each distance?
  13. saddler

    Steyr SSG Magazine Housing

    Nice job Mate here has a new 3D printer that uses a liquid not filament - AMAZING quality - absolutely no layering lines or such: akin to going from a 1970s dot-matrix to a colour laser jet Look forward to continued updates

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