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  1. Bought for a project but no longer needed SliX Shot brand Pack of 6 Thread sized M6 x .75 ....to be used with #10 Rem caps £50 & post
  2. Never had any issue with the standard Dillon powder units, luckily. Was using one on one of my 550 presses last night - dialled it on to dispense 5gr of Bullseye and it did that without movement/variation for about 450+ rounds Likewise, I've had one of the other powder units dispense a 25 gr charge of H4895 for several hundred rounds with zero change to the dispensed weight (I do regular double checks throughout the process to make sure) Luckily I don't have to load anything near as many rounds, so my collection of 550 presses gets the job done. IF I needed to make serious quantitie
  3. Does this have the Finn Accuracy reticle (MSR) as stated, or NOT ?(as pointed out by the member who's advert text you copied without permission)
  4. Shhh - he'll be listening..!
  5. ....and you still hang around with him?? Known Steve for about that length of time too - even in his pre emigrated elsewhere days! A common face on the old PR circuit before the rifle ban
  6. @Reecy ....any good for you Steve? same town, etc.
  7. NOPE spiral staircasers at Enfield stole the design from Sterling! .....there can be only one.... 20-rd & 40-rd magazines direct piston design can be fired with stock closed ....the rifle Stoner designed to get around the faults of his AR-15
  8. When you say McMillan A-TH stock, is that the A5-Thumbhole model? What finish/colour? Internal blind mag/curt for AI mag conversion/cut for standard Rem LA metal? Adjustable cheek-rest? Fitted for any flush cups or similar? How much use has it had - and any wear & tear or safe knocks?
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