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  1. From memory, the early SPR spec started out being a 1/2MOA guarantee, for 10,000 shots I think this changed to a 1 MOA guarantee for 30,000 shots!! ...either way, phenomenal performance. The barrels are made in the same factory that make them for the GPMG, they are given a special chrome lining by Miroku. I'm surprised it's not been snapped up already If I'd not already arranged a deal for the FN version I'd have been taking this off your hands.
  2. AE mags?? AI, I think you'll find 😉 STUNNING RIFLE Has it got the same build spec. as the FN SPR? If so, may pay to mention this I'd also change the title to reflect that this is an SPR gun If I'd not just sorted (or almost sorted) a trade for an FN SPR A3 (the FBI HRT trial spec.) model I'd have had this off you already!! What thread is the muzzle cut to?
  3. That SMLE looks the business! Pity I've got zero chance of a one-for-one to get it (had three attempts to have a one-for-one all get ignored as it is...!)
  4. Would have had them if they'd been for the M261 conversion! Likely that the chopped one started out as a 10-rd version Bargain for someone...!
  5. Sweating like a pregnant nun
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