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  1. Just been through this with Durham (useless!) As Dodgyrog said our club's monitored alarm has gone off twice in the last year, neither time did they send anyone out or even bother to ring the secretary etc. to see what was going on. I asked for a mod on my club FAC and got a call saying the HO guidance says you have to have an alarm for more than 10 (which it doesn't). I explained that even if it did say that it specifically states that when adding things up moderators (as well as spare barrels and cylinders) are not to be counted. FAC came back from being varied without th
  2. Forget the car polish, a squirt of w/up liquid and a 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid crystals (off Ebay) to help soften the water and they'll come out nice and clean. I de-prime my cases then my larger F/A tumbler takes about 30-45mins to run an initial clean (using 1.5mm steel ball bearings). That gets the cases more then clean enough to re-size, prep and inspect before a final 30min clean.
  3. Anyone know anyone who can re-assemble/re-fit a Handi Rifle trigger? prefferably in the North East or nearby or I can post it. Was shooting Monday evening and a part has came out, doesn't appear to be broken and there's a small pin which looks like it usually holds it in place. I've been having problems with certain primers taking 2 whacks to go off so also have a new firing pin I need fitting at the same time. I've looked at the online videos etc. but none show the final re-fitting stage clearly enough for me to attempt it. This is the part. Attachm
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