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  1. FB66

    N150, I’ve been told

    Sorry to hear about your dilemma. FWIW - If it was me - Safety first. Ditch it and buy new. Perhaps the moderator or one of the wise sages on here could arbitrate between you and the other party privately? If it was me I would offer that and if a no, name, and shame. At least that way other people on the forum could then make informed choices on whether to deal with that person in the future. Mike
  2. Brass received and thank you very much Mike
  3. Second dibs, please Mike
  4. Hi Pops Is there anyone in this parish that can help re FCSA? Have sent three requests to sec for guest and membership but no reply. Sorry Martin for going off-topic Mike
  5. FB66

    New Bench

    I vanished my bench and I also stuck 1m sq carpet tiles from B&Q on it. Mike
  6. FB66

    Best scope level for older eyes

    + 1 on the vortex pro. Have this on FTR and 300 WSM rifles. Try optic warehouse also https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=bubble+level Mike
  7. FB66

    6.5 Creedmoor Reloading (UK)

    +1 on SchmidtP3. Assuming you have the press etc? I don't reload for my 6.5CM. I just use it for plinking. It's not my go-to rifle I do reload my other calibers because of accuracy and I actually enjoy the process. I will reload my WSM as cant get decent factory ammo for it. If it helps - there is even an app HandLoad2 made by RangeTimeApps that will help you calculate it. Stick your wish list prices, the assumption for brass reuse, and away you go. Just don't show to the other half the result. SWMBO still thinks my 308 costs 10p a round Mike
  8. FB66

    300 WSM - Powder recomedation

    Dear Elwood Thanks and will do - SWMBO has just found out I have ordered primers and 2000 Bergers too Mike
  9. Thanks, Pops for the link - will be sending my Mum over the Runcorn bridge to get some for me. Regards Mike
  10. FB66

    300 WSM - Powder recomedation

    Elwood - apologies I should have given more context. Having searched the internet/ powder sites, accurate shooter, full bore, shooters forum, target rifle, etc I had a long list. Some RS62, and N165 on its way to me with RL23 on backorder. Appreciate everyone's help and real-world advice. Mike
  11. Great sages of the forum. Have a new rifle on its way. Is anyone willing to share a powder recommendation for my 300WSM? Looking to not fry the lands on the 32inch barrel and planning to shoot 215 Bergers to 600, 900 and 1000 yds I need to also stand a chance of getting hold of it in the UK before the NRA / GBFCA comp in Sept. Thanks Mike
  12. Hi Paul I use non-absorbent cat litter for light filling of bags. Its called Katakor and is used to obtain urine samples from cats - eBay is your friend here. Heavy - zirkon sand from spud reloading. Cat litter is more expensive than the sand! Mike
  13. FB66

    King of 2 Miles

    Sorry if behind the times but spotted this https://www.facebook.com/marc.gardner.94/posts/3942349852503933 https://www.facebook.com/gardners.guns/photos/a.549073878507497/2984804784934382/?type=3 Mike
  14. I asked this of my FEO here in Herts and was told yes bolt into the floor if on the ground floor or coach bolts into beams but still need resin into the wall. My B In Law is a builder and I wondered why he was sticking this stuff in my fridge. Gluv you have my sympathies on that. FB

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