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  1. Alycidon

    Help if possible guy's.

    Hi, Welcome to the forum. The data is online, assuming you may have found that do you have a specific issue or problem ??. https://www.hornady.com/support/load-data/ A
  2. Alycidon

    .260 rebarrel

    What are you asking for, barrel make recommendations maybe ?. A
  3. Alycidon


    Something wrong with a 204 shooting like that, I had a 22.250 years ago that was pretty poor. 223 is a sweet caliber I would agree especially with a fast twist. A
  4. Alycidon

    20 cal

    I have a 20BR, first one the Birmingham proof house had ever seen and probably only the second or third in the UK when built around 2003/4 time. 1 in 9 Bartlien 27 inch, throated for the 50gr Berger ( now discontinued) I use those and 39 SBKs. The latter dont quite match the Bergers accuracy wise ( these have agged low .3s in 100BR comps at Bisley) they take foxes cleanly out almost 300 yards with ease. I zero 1/2 inch high at 100 yards which puts me dead on at 170 yards. While we have been up to 33gr N150 testing prior to proof our working load is 29.0 with the 39s and a shade more than that under the 50s. Gives 3500, its a 14 lb rifle so very smooth, no mod but get to see the impacts. Overall 97% first shot kill ratio on foxes out to 298 yards, my eyes are no longer good enough to provide positive night time target confirmation beyond that. Its a dedicated truck or ambush gun, far to heavy for an old bloke like me to be carrying far but for foxes its my go to gun. Today for what I do the 39SBK works well everywhere except rape stubbles where you have lots of thick remote stalks, ( i carry some Berger 50s on one end of the butt shell holder for this) so a good 204 or 20 Tac or 20 Prac would be just as good a choice as a working rifle, dont go chasing Mega velocity though as barrel life is quite short. 1500 rounds and the accuracy will start to drop off. If you are not going beyond about 250 yards then the 20VT would also be a good choice if you can find Fireball brass to form the cases from. A friend who also posts here has a 22BR, frankly that is just as good sub 300 yards but has a longer barrel life. Over 300 yards then the lower drops/drifts of the 50 gr Berger in 20 cal make it easier to shoot accurately than 55 SBKs in the 22BR. A
  5. Alycidon

    22 Middlestead

    Hi Vince, I think OSOK has ( or had_) a Middlestead. A
  6. I went with a monopod when they first were around maybe 15 years ago, very slow to use but had no issues with how they performed. But it was something else to carry so took it off. I feel I shot marginally better with the pod rather than a bag but I dont usually go far enough to determine a real difference. A
  7. Alycidon

    204 Vermin Control

    Depends on the twist rate. I think most 204s are built for 32s - 40 gr bullets, hence have a 1 in 11 or slower twist. I have a 1 in 9 throated for Berger 50s which it shoots in the .2s when I do my bit. 39gr SBKs shoot at about .4 in it but do hold together, I have had 40 gr VMax break up at about 3800 under test. I run things at around 3500 as there is a nice accuracy node there, nice and smooth in a heavy rifle, see the impact even without a mod. Cal is 20BR, N150 is the powder of choice.
  8. Alycidon

    204 Vermin Control

    39 SBK is better in most rifles.
  9. I did that 6 or 7 years ago, previously I could shoot 70 in an evening or 150 in a lamping session. These days I only see an odd one. Certainly miss them, A
  10. Alycidon

    .20 cal specific custom action?

    Borden used to offer a very short action for the PPC/BR length case with bolt to suit action specified. A,
  11. Alycidon

    Thumbhole stock for custom build

    The size of your hands is also critical. I went for a laminated walnut stock and had the smith hand carve it, luckily my hands were the same size as his, small !!. A
  12. Alycidon

    Reloading solutions

    I sold that business in 2008 and retired, I now have a different business in a totally different field but do have backside ache with the web. A
  13. Alycidon

    What four rifle calibres - factory ammo

    Well I had to shoot a rat the other week, under my range cooker at about 3 feet !!. so factory ammo users only: 177 air rifle at sub 12 ft lbs. 17 Hornet centerfire, ( could do without this if only 3 needed) 1 of either 204, 222 or 223 6.5x55 ( no experience of these new 6.5 cals such as Creedmore) A
  14. Alycidon

    What's happened to these subs?

    When I first started with 22LR in the mid 80s I used Eley SSHPs to good effect in a bolt action rifle, these were 38gr from memory, Then Winchester and Magtach came along with a 40 gr SSHP with a large cavity, I could not see much difference so used the latter on a cost basis. Then I changed the rifle to a semi, the 40s did not cycle well so I moved back to the Eley 38s which worked well. Then Eley moved to 40s so I changed again. Looks like they are coming full circle, again. A
  15. Alycidon

    Varminting in Australia

    Its also nice to see you have something to shoot at, where I am in the Middle of the UK we have pretty big areas with no decernable rabbit population. The introduction of Viral Hemmorging Disease and now Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease (RHD-2) has just about wiped them out. I drive for three or four hours most evenings and nights within about 50 miles and almost never see a rabbit. In the late 1980s I have shot 75 from a small 15 acre block and could easily kill 100 in a a few hours under a lamp. These days seeing half a dozen in one heap makes my day. A
  16. Alycidon

    Varminting in Australia

    I take my hat off to you, lovely work. A
  17. Personally I pretty well always neck size only my Lapua 6 PPC USA brass. To me it looks like the FL die is incorrect, I use the Redding 3 die Comp die set if ever I need to resize fully, they were supplied by the rifle builder so I suppose it might be possible that he has put the chamber reamer into the die to take out any issues. I did buy a used Wilson FL set but my cases would not fit the die at all. If you want to send me a couple of fired cases I will put them through my Redding FL die if you feel it might help. One other thing in passing, the primers look to be well into the pocket, far more so than mine which are flush with the case. Not sure if thats good or not, I have never had an issue with pierced primers and you are not saying you are having a miss fire issue. A
  18. Alycidon

    long range vermin

    17 Fireball is indeed an impressive round. The calibers listed on on thread owners initial post are all what I would call relatively short range calibers, yet you ask for long range. Now long range to some of us is 200 yards, for others 600 yards or more. If your 22.250 shoots MOA or better (1 inch at 100 yards) then it will be OK out to about 350/400 yards. The round will kill far further but its how accurate the rifle and shooter are that counts, drops can be ranged and dialled out, its always the wind that catches you out. Frankly I have not personally seen a 22.250 yet that would shoot sub MOA and I have seen a few but I am sure that there are some out there. 600 yards is a pretty long shot for most, I would be looking for accuracy and good energy on target as round placement wont be as precise at it would be at 150 yards. The bigger cased 20s will do this OK but they tend to be customs, a fast twist 223 is also a very capable round but factory production tends to be based on slower twists for lighter bullets. Personally if wanting a more main line caliber I would look to 6BR, 243 or 244 (aka 6mm Rem). A
  19. Alycidon

    Varminting in Australia

    Superb photography, lovely wood on the stainless Cooper, thanks for sharing. A
  20. Alycidon

    17 Hornet - Who . . .

    Its ok but its not a 300 yard round, for that sort of distance more legs are needed, 204/222/223. I have killed crows to a shade over 200 in ideal conditions with 20gr Vmax but have missed more than I hit. You dont have the authority of a slightly missplaced round that you do with 20 or 22. I have seen a crow fly away with a leg dangling by a cord. luckily I caught up with it later the same day. Another one with entrails hanging out flew 120 yards before collapsing dead. Both hit with a bigger pill with more energy would have dropped on the spot. Re target shooting, as you are aware our friend has had to have a pacemaker fitted so is banned till next spring from driving, sort something when he is back up and running. He has subsequently shot a fox with no heart issues. Am busy pheasant shooting now anyway so need ground kept fairly quiet until Feb. A
  21. Agreed if 12 bore 21-34 gr lead loads. Might be some limited savings for non toxic shot and in smaller calibers. Reloadable cases can be an issue, 40 years ago there was an active reloading scene amoung club level clay shots, all used Winchester AA cases as nothing else would resize nicely. All in all its just not worth the cost of setting the gear up. But if you have the itch !!, A
  22. Alycidon

    Best Wellies?

    la Chameau Verizinord. I wear mine most days, in 10 years I am only on my second pair but they are about shot now. A
  23. Alycidon

    Silverstone Shooting Centre

    Living about 10 miles from Silverstone we have NOTHING range wise within a couple of hours, Bisley is 3 hours, Diggle 4, Minsterly 2 plus, there is one north of Birmingham, (Kingsbury), been once with the cadets as a driver seems tied up with small clubs from all over that place. So I feel there is a demand locally for such service but not at that price. Getting clearance for such a project must be difficult with noise issues ( thats probably why its 3 days a week only) and safety issues. A friend owns a clay shooting ground locally and he is very restricted as to when he can shoot and he sits right beside the M45. Many years ( 40+) ago an Army range near me was closed when a spent 7.62/303/5.56 bullet was found on the M1 carriageway a mile or so behind the butts. The firing point was way above the butts so god knows how it got there but that range has been closed ever since. A
  24. Alycidon

    17 Hornet - Who . . .

    i have a 17AH, think you may have shot it last year when you came up. Nice short range tool. A
  25. Alycidon

    New 17 Hornet

    I also bought a rifle from him maybe 25 years ago when he worked for another, as you say a good guy,

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