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  1. As said before it's probably a 1/2" UNEF thread a picture of the thread might help people
  2. dully1963

    Tikka Tac A1 in 6mmbr

    In my experience I would go for the 6mmbr or if you need it with a bit more legs the BRX just saying love my BRX lol
  3. dully1963

    Tikka Tac A1 in 6mmbr

    Rpa do a 6mm br as standard
  4. dully1963

    .17 .20 .22 small bore shooters

    just a one for anyone shooting small calibres check out http://www.smallcaliberclub.com/index.php if you after reloading data or help with anything small bore hope this helps a few people out ATB dully
  5. dully1963


    If it's ripping the necks of then I would think your dies are not setup correctly as no die would be that excessive if it's been lubed just my thoughts ,strip it all down give it a good clean then go n you tube and set it all up again. also what make of dies are they
  6. dully1963

    Punctured Primers

    Just to add my thoughts the new tub of powder is hotter than your last tub , if you have any of the old tub left try a couple of rounds with that powder just to check. plus I would think a creedmoor would be better on bench rest primers
  7. dully1963

    Remington Primer Reliability

    remington 71/2 small rifle primers have harder cups than the fed gold I use them in my Brx and my 20-222 work great in both and even the fed gold gives great accuracy at the lower speeds , I find both are great primers but the fed gold cant cope with the higher pressures
  8. dully1963


    nobody interested is it the price or is it not popular
  9. dully1963


    Seaham on the Durham coast
  10. As above a harkila fenja roe sack (not the thin light weight ) this is the heavy cordura one with liner , in green but the camera seems to change the colour . only ever used to carry sandwiches and jumpers as I only ever use the liner . no need of it on the land I shoot on as its easy access looking for £65 buyer collects not really keen on posting because of the weight. Seaham area Co Durham.
  11. dully1963


    Great primers for 308 and 243
  12. dully1963

    .17 fireball brass

    Hi Bob Yep it's lapua if I hear of any remmy brass I'll give you a shout
  13. dully1963

    .17 fireball brass

    I used to buy 221 fireball and neck it down if that's any good I'll ask my RFD if he has any left Andy
  14. dully1963


    any match or bench rest or magnum a cash adjustment on my part WHY

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