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  1. Gavhowe

    New powder scales, what to buy?

    Cheers for all the input. To be fair, I’ve always got on well with the gem pro’s, just throwing half a grain less and trickling up, and as mentioned, can soon rattle through them if you put your mind to it. The other day they must have thrown a right wobbler and monumentally cocked up some load data I was doing on a new rifle. I carried on with the loads as I wanted to fire form the brass anyway, but was ready for throwing them in the bin, hence the post looking for something new. loaded 5 using the same method Yesterday and Fired them with no issues at all. Have seen some really good reviews on the fx120i scales with auto Trickler but it’s a big outlay for the amount I shoot, but by the time I buy a new beam scale and target master, I’m bilberry half way there so I might just use my check weight a lot more often for the time being, and look to buy a set of scales first, then maybe add to it in the future.
  2. Looking at buying a new set of scales and not sure which to get. Using a set of gem pro 250’s at the minute with a powder thrower and tricker. Are the charge masters etc reliable or would you go beam and auto trickle?
  3. Gavhowe

    Sound Moderation

    3 things I look for 1, it doesn’t look and feel like a piece of cast iron down pipe 2, I don’t mind spending £300-400 on a good moderator as long as I know it’s going to do a job well, and last a good while. 3, it doesn’t resemble a sex toy!
  4. Scope now sold. Archer NV unit, Dragonfly IR and adjustable mount still for sale £900
  5. Reluctant Sale of one of the best NV setup’s I’ve owned. Starlight Archer add on NV unit (D grade) Bought brand new from Northallerton guns with Dragon Fly IR. Originally had the firefly with it but sold that to upgrade to the dragon fly. I do have a rail which will be included that fits to the top of the archer, which can be used to clamp the IR to the top of it, rather as the scope. Professional bush made up to fit it to the back of this IOR 6-24x56 FFP 35mm tube scope. Scope was purchased new around 4 years ago from optics warehouse, and is sat in a TierOne long saddle monomount. The mount includes a pic top ring/rail, and also an extra rail which can be clamped to either side. This is an excellent combination. I’ve tried quite a few scopes and IR torches to get the best quality picture from the Archer and this is by far the best I’ve come up with. It is on par clarity wise with my commercial longbow, and has the bonus of being able to fully mag right up to 24x magnification without much picture distortion. Picture included is of a gateway at 432 yards taken just the other night on 20x mag. Picture doesn’t do it justice but gives you an idea. All in very good condition and been well looked after (including original boxes). Only downside is a couple of scratches on the bayonet fitting where another gun rolled over onto it in the truck. Only cosmetic and does not effect anything in anyway. Also I have cut the rubber eye piece down to make it shorter, but replacements can be bought if needs be. Would prefer to sell as a complete package, but will split if I can find buyers for all items. Only selling as I have other units and need some cash for a house extension. Rifle, mod, extended rail etc not included in sale £1800 inc postage
  6. Gavhowe

    Tikka T3X Tac/CTR Questions

    I was in a similar predicament a few months ago. I was after a CTR in 6.5 creed. I didn’t really need the stock as I was planning to put it in a stock I already had. Rang round a few shops and all were saying 6 months wait for a stainless 24”, but I could get a varmint no problem. I thought it over for a week or so, but in the end, I found a t3 action at a bargain price so I’ve had one built instead. It hasn’t cost me much more money than a CTR and if it wasn’t for Covid, would have been here in a fraction of the time. Worth considering if your not needing the factory stock and can pick up an action at a decent price
  7. Gavhowe

    Where are all the hardcore Varmint hunters gone ?

    Great idea using the tennis ball! I’ve never thought about that! I’m going to pinch that idea. Although a lot of my fields have hills, so I may run into longer distances quicker if I shoot down bank. I used to use a factory rem 700 xcr in 223 loaded with 53gr then 60gr vmax’s as my truck gun and a 350 yard crow was a long distance shot. After reading some of the posts you fellas were posting, and seeing what others were using on other sites, I upgraded to a 22BR built on a T3 action built by Alan Maughan. Running 77TMK’s at just under 3000fps, and using a weather flow wind meter and StrelokPro, has easily added another 200 yards onto my max range. Granted with most targets, you don’t hit them all, but when you do it’s very satisfying indeed! On some of the regular areas I shoot over, I have a couple of hardox silhouettes or gongs set out, and after a while, if the crows and rabbits stop playing ball, I take the odd shot at those to check my wind calls are accurate.
  8. Hi its nick 53,

    Have you enquire about primer pocket correction tool K&M from myself? 

    Thanks nick 

  9. Factory Tikka T3 light stock (RH) used, an odd scratch underneath forend and on the cheek piece but generally in great condition £70 inc postage SOLD 3x 3 shot magazines (medium 243/308) all used but in good working order £20 each inc postage 1x remaining T3 factory bolt handle and plastic bolt shroud £15 inc postage
  10. Gavhowe

    Any 22 creedmoor shooters?

    Funnily enough, my ticket came back today with a slot for the 22cm and I’m planning a similar build. T3 donor action, 8 twist 24”. 77TMK’s or 75eldm’s is where I’m thinking. Necking down 6creed lapua brass
  11. Gavhowe

    Tikka TX1 MTR 22lr

    I’ve shot a 452 for years and will have put 1000’s of rounds down it. It’s is Purely a workhorse, and what a workhorse it has been. It is still very accurate and although been very much abused, has only ever stopped working properly when the chamber gets so full of crap, it won’t eject a case. Quick clean and off she goes again. I Fancied a 452 precision trainer at first, but decided on a t1x as a second rimmie, as I run a few t3’s already with aftermarket stocks, and I liked the fact I could swap around what I already had if I wanted. I was a little disappointed as the bolt is no where near as slick as the t3’s, although it’s getting slightly better with more use, and the factory stock let’s it down badly. I find it very short. My cz is in a synthetic stock and it’s nothing to write home about either, but for £500 on the tikka, I suppose there has to be a slight compromise somewhere. Accuracy wise for me, I would say there is nothing in it. All will shoot well, it’s just down to ammo selection and finding a consistent ammo that suits your gun. Both mine shoot Winchester subs at around 1moa at 100 yards which suits me fine. If your using it for hunting and like a 10 shot mag, the tikka mag is better as it doesn’t stick in your back when over your shoulder on a sling like the cz does. In my opinion, if you buy a tikka, at some point you will take advantage of it using the t3 foot print, and put it in an aftermarket stock at some point, where the cz, especially the walnut/laminate varmints have a very useable stock.
  12. Gavhowe

    Tikka T3 Mags

    I’ll take a 5 round if there is still 1 left?
  13. Gavhowe

    6mm bullet choice

    appreciate all the comments. 6br is a great round, I know of a few lads using them. My 22br is built on a t3 action and I’m just running standard mags and it works fine. The BR cartridge has a excellent reputation for being super accurate and at the end of the day, accuracy is key. It’s ok running these high speeds to achieve ballistics but if the accuracy isn’t there, then it’s a waste of time. I just have an itch that needs scratching and so I thought I’d have a go. It’s a big investment and barrel life is something Which would normally be at the top of my priorities, but i’d settle At 1200 rounds of good accuracy as a sole vermin gun. That’s a lot of dead stuff (if I do my bit!) and it would see me a lot of use, especially running it along side other rifles sharing the work load. I was originally tempted by 6xc/6x47 lap and there are loads of top quality high BC match bullets to choose from, but it’s finding a good bullet for vermin that will expand well. 87vmax I know works well, it’s where you go above that in 6mm, that Ballistically the 75-77’s do very well in 22. Such a shame the 105 amax is no longer. Hence why I was asking to see what experience others had had with calibre a and bullet heads in that weight range.
  14. Gavhowe

    6mm bullet choice

    I wanted to stay away from fire-forming and Poor mag feeding which is why the 22creed and 22x47 where the route I was wanting to go. How is the accuracy on the 22 creed scooby as that’s the most important thing?

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