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  1. Vermincinerator

    Wanted h4895

    I have but im in Northants Ian
  2. Vermincinerator

    .17 fireball brass

    You've got more chance of coming across Lord Luchan riding Shergar being chased by Elvis Presly on a Unicorn LOL!! Ian.
  3. Vermincinerator

    New to varminting

    17 Hornet will suit your needs perfectly Ian.
  4. Vermincinerator

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    Chuck em in the hedge. Ian.
  5. Vermincinerator

    204 Vermin Control

    A Four shot group is a group where the shooter has shot a superb 3 shot group then decides to really test his marksmanship with a 5 shot group but chickens out after the fourth shot Ian.
  6. Vermincinerator

    Ward 800 NV add on...as a spotter ??

    My shooting partner has one, you must fit it to scope that will parallax down to about 20ft otherwise you wont be able to focus the device Ian.
  7. Vermincinerator

    204 Vermin Control

    Elliot how do you get Strelok to put a U infront of the amount of elevation and a L infront of windage mine just does + or - Ian.
  8. Vermincinerator

    223 bullet heads

    Yeah and Elephants have trunks and a hood covers an intimate part of the female anatomy Ian
  9. Vermincinerator

    Cormorant predator

    I have culled cormorants in the past, the fishery i did it for had a licence to cull four a year, all shot on the water with a 22-250, no issues with ricochet, Ian.
  10. Vermincinerator

    Gun Crime on the UP

    A water pistol becomes a firearm if it is used in a crime, a banana in your pocket looking like a hidden gun becomes a firearm if used in a crime, a cigarette lighter shaped like a flintlock pistol becomes a firearm when it is used in a crime.......see where i am going Ian.
  11. Vermincinerator

    Sako 22 Hornet action and wood stock

    Emma Custom Guns have a Sako 22 Hornet but it aint cheap Ian
  12. Vermincinerator

    6mm calibre choice

    Justin, i wish i was in your position, i would jump at the chance of a loan of 6mmBR's 6mmAI reamer. Arguably the best 6mm cartridge there is. Ian.
  13. Vermincinerator

    6ppc usa

    I have seen this before, i suggest you have a chamber a little on the large side, this causes extra expansion of the web area above the extractor groove which is not noticeable after shooting unless closely inspected. When you FL size, this web area is not sized by the die because of the radius of the die mouth but the body of the case immediately before the web area is, this creates the visible ridge between the web area and the case body you show in your photos, the reason you can move the ridge when adjusting the die to cam over is that you are forcing a little more of the case into the die. To prove what i am saying smoke the web area of the case or mark it with a Sharpy before sizing and watch where the die makes heavy contact. Ian.
  14. Vermincinerator

    The New format site - problem

    I just signed in, username and password, no problem Ian.

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