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  1. Sako 22 Hornet action and wood stock

    Emma Custom Guns have a Sako 22 Hornet but it aint cheap Ian
  2. 6mm calibre choice

    Justin, i wish i was in your position, i would jump at the chance of a loan of 6mmBR's 6mmAI reamer. Arguably the best 6mm cartridge there is. Ian.
  3. 6ppc usa

    I have seen this before, i suggest you have a chamber a little on the large side, this causes extra expansion of the web area above the extractor groove which is not noticeable after shooting unless closely inspected. When you FL size, this web area is not sized by the die because of the radius of the die mouth but the body of the case immediately before the web area is, this creates the visible ridge between the web area and the case body you show in your photos, the reason you can move the ridge when adjusting the die to cam over is that you are forcing a little more of the case into the die. To prove what i am saying smoke the web area of the case or mark it with a Sharpy before sizing and watch where the die makes heavy contact. Ian.
  4. The New format site - problem

    I just signed in, username and password, no problem Ian.
  5. Aluminium trigger guard

    I have had a polished Aluminium trigger guard on my 22BR for 9 years now and its still nice and shiney Ian,
  6. Silverstone Shooting Centre

    I was contemplating joining SSC as its on my doorstep but apart from the price structure ( even bronze membership is expensive when you consider you might want to spend 5-6 hours on the range) the "Only Moderated" rifles rule was the killer for me, absolutely no point being a member of a range where i cant shoot my unmoderated rifles. Ian.
  7. which calibre do you most enjoy shooting?

    Even better in Improved form Ian.
  8. which calibre do you most enjoy shooting?

    22BR closely followed by 17 Fireball. Ian.
  9. Help Needed

    Got to be a Tikka TacA1 in 260 Rem or 6.5 CM Ian.
  10. Rem700 SA PSS stock

    I also have a HS Precision short action PSS stock, painted olive drab and recoil lug machined out to accomodate a .250" thick recoil lug, will still work with standard recoil lug Ian
  11. Gunsmithing Question

    Firstly, i use a freshly ground HSS tool and cut the crown from the bore back to the edge this way you will not create a bur but a sharp edge, i polish the crown with successively finer grit emery cloth down to 400grit, the edge of the bore to the crown is then polished with two brass ball lapping tools one loaded with 360 grit lapping paste and one with 600 untill the witness of a couple of thou can be seen on the edge of the groove. Ian.
  12. Spready, the new photon has slightly more pixels, how does it compare to the 6x50XT, not interested in the whistles and flutes just the image, thanks Ian.
  13. Gunsmithing Question

    I doubt very much that it would have any effect, i polish the bore at the muzzle so that a tiny witness of a few thousandths is visible on the edge of the grooves. Ian.
  14. Gunsmithing Question

    Onehole i finnish all my bores with a brass spherical tool specially for the job that i got from Brownells, a problem that you may encounter using a steel ball is, because, the ball is harder then the barrel steel the lapping paste will imbed into the edge of the bore/crown that you are a lapping, thats why these tools are made of brass, now will it effect accuracy? i have no idea, probably not. Ian.
  15. Black Sun 2 B502 V's Night Master 800IR

    I have a Tracer Ledray F900 on top of my Photon. i also have a Ward B502 with Black sun 2 pill on my Bushnell handheld spotter, one night i decided to swap them to see if there was any difference, there was no difference in IR illumination quality on the Bushnell but the B502 on the photon was absolutely $hite. Ian.

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