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  1. rhhudson

    6.5x47 and 130gr ELDM's

    I am running 36.1gr n140 with the sierra 130gr Tmk and the velocity is 2815 fps from a 22"barrel, not a hot load by any means but I went with consistency. I tried n150 with them and to get it grouping well I was about 2 grains above max load and it was trashing the primer pockets,
  2. rhhudson

    6.5x47 and 130gr ELDM's

    I tried the 130gr eldm and mine didn't like them, So I switched over to 130gr Tmk and they are spot on and a lot more consistency to hornady in my opinion, I am loading them using vhit n140 and they are producing .3moa consistently. A bit better if I'm on a good day
  3. Hi, What are the effects of storing a 22lr with its mod on? I know centerfire are a big no-no for leaving the mod on but I can't seem to dig much up about the .22lr. The few articles I have read say mixed things, some say it's worse taking it òff and other say it has the same effects as the centerfire, eating away at the crown and rifling. Can anyone that knows either way make any suggestions. Thanks
  4. rhhudson

    Problems Sierra TMK seating

    I use the 130 tmk is my 6.5x47 and they seat spot on, no marks, less than 1 thou variation in ogive length, I'm using foster benchrest dies don't know if they make any difference?
  5. rhhudson


    Anneal before sizing
  6. rhhudson

    Reloading 6.5x47 L RS52 or N150, N550, N160?

    What bullet weight are you planning on using? I tried n150 but I have now swapped over to n140 with sierra 130gr tmk. I think n160 will be too slow. N150 would be better suited for heavier bullet weights.
  7. rhhudson

    Noob needing advice re handloading.

    You won't go far wrong with an rcbs rockchucker supreme kit. It should have everything you need to get you started, Just add dies. I have been reloading now for about 6 years and still use the same set up and don't feel the need to change any bits. If you buy cheaper stuff you may end up adding new bits as you go and it's just false economy. Buy good to start with.
  8. rhhudson

    VhitN140- 123grn

    I tried n150 with 123gr amax, To get the accuracy I was looking for I had to push them hard but I gave up, it was trashing the brass. The annoying thing is I had 200 factory rounds and they shot .3moa 10 shot group's. They were great in my gun
  9. rhhudson

    VhitN140- 123grn

    I'm using n140 with 130gr tmk in my 6.5x47 and I'm getting good accuracy, I'm not sure what the speed is I've not had chance to chronograph it yet. But they are very consistent
  10. rhhudson

    3-in-1 - all weather - jacket for LR shooting?!

    I second that. I brought one for about £18 And it's spot on. Only thing is it's not waterproof.
  11. rhhudson

    3-in-1 - all weather - jacket for LR shooting?!

    Take a look at a good outdoor/walking shop there should be plenty of stuff that meet your requirements without the added 'shooting stuff' price tag
  12. Lovely looking rifle. If only I could justify another..... Have a bump on me. Good luck
  13. I use Cci 450 in my 6.5x47 They are magnum primers with a thicker cup. Never had any ignition problems to date.
  14. rhhudson

    Favour re QL - 6.5x47?

    I run n140 in my 6.5x47 with 130gr tmk and I'm getting good results. I tried n150 and to get the accuracy I was looking for I had to load them hot and it was trashing the brass hence I went for the n140 My max load was 37gr but found the best node at 36.1gr I have not had chance to chronograph them yet so I'm not too sure on the speeds.
  15. Might be worth asking John Carr at apex precision he makes rails. https://www.apexuk-precision.co.uk

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