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  1. 17 Rem

    Murom primers required Derby

    The CCI 450 produces groups twice the size of those the Murom KVB223M shoots in my 6.5x47. Only used a few hundred Muroms, but haven't had one pierced. Were the problems caused by the standard KVB223 or the tougher KVB223M? Scotch Egg, if you want some, I think you've got my number.
  2. 17 Rem

    Tikka Mounts

    The QD ones don't look like any Warne mounts I've seen- I'd say they are Hilver (or the same after they were re-branded as Tasco).
  3. 17 Rem

    Nv scopes

    Interesting. Is your Digex the N450? What distance advantage would you estimate the Ludicrous Lumens Wraith gives you over the supplied illuminator? I would happily consider a LL product but gave up trying to deal with Clive Ward years ago!
  4. 17 Rem

    Nv scopes

    blueroll speaks much sense. I've not tried any other illuminator on mine, but have shot 9 foxes in less than three weeks with it and the supplied illuminator.
  5. 17 Rem

    Nosler Varmageddon

    Found the 70 grain tipped ones load fussy in my 6BR, but hellish accurate after careful load development, effective and affordable.
  6. 17 Rem

    Barnes Match Burnet Bullets

    Genuine one, too. I have no horse in this race! What cartridge are you thinking of trying them in?
  7. 17 Rem

    Barnes Match Burnet Bullets

    Tried the 105 grain in a 6x47. First time out for a bit of load development produced a 100 yard group in the .1"s. Every load of the 5 or 6 I tried in it went comfortably sub .4" Unfortunately, the first crow I shot with one caused a scary ricochet, so I didn't persist with them. Can't hold that against them, of course, it's a match bullet after all. If I was just shooting targets I would have tried nothing else.
  8. All five 6mm 70 grain, please.
  9. I will take these at your asking price if still available.
  10. 17 Rem

    Trent Firearms

    I heard that the funeral of Steve Jones of Trent Firearms was this afternoon. Had good deals from him over the years. I'm sure he'll be missed.
  11. 17 Rem

    More scottish bans being proposed

    Well said, sauer.
  12. I’ll have the VMax when I next see you.

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