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  1. 6x47 Lapua? I've never seen any other than necked down 6.5x47. Simple enough- I just run it through a neck die, job done.
  2. I want a simple on/off switch for one of these. The Torch Factory aren't replying to messages.
  3. Anyone using the 130 grain TMK?
  4. Would you sell the RCBS .223 seater and its shell holder without the hand press, please?
  5. After two of them, one which randomly moved it's zero settings and another with a disappointing image, my need for knowledge on the PARD offerings is complete. I'd rather go back to the lamp than have another PARD.
  6. Sorry, Richy. I was referring to the fact that Phoenix regularly recommends the PARD NV008 and seems to hold a low opinion of pretty much anything else of a similar price. As the former owner of two disappointing NV008 units, I get sick of reading comments such as the ‘If you must buy a Digex’ comment he made above.
  7. Must tell that to the 32 foxes I've shot to date with the Digex's supplied illuminator on my 222.
  8. No use on a Digex, far too bright. Great IR for something else though.
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