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  1. I have a HS Precision Pro Series stock for a Savage S/A rifle. This has the 4.4 inch action screw spacing (screws included) the model number is #PST114. This stock was taken off my Savage model 12 LRP rifle in 6.5 Creed cal when it was new and so is in perfect condition. With the stock is also the 4 round detachable center feed box magazine that came with it, so should be good for all .308 family of cartridges. The stock is a CNC machined aluminium bedding stock chassis with Kevlar. See more details here or pm me for more photos https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1006812247/h-s-precision-pro-series-rifle-stock-savage-short-action-with-44-screw-spacing-detachable-magazine-center-feed-only-tactical-varmint-barrel-channel-synthetic-black I'm looking for £230 + p&p
  2. ezmobile

    Which RWS powder ?

    Didn't want to buy some, just wanted to know what was in the rounds I pulled.
  3. ezmobile

    Which RWS powder ?

    Just wondering if anyone out there knows which powder RWS use in their .223 cal 55 grain soft point rounds? I'm suspecting its Rottweil R901 / R902. I've looked all over the interweb and can't find out anything - and whatever it is, is there a Vitavhouri equivalent? (N130 - N133?) Many thanks.
  4. ezmobile

    AICS .223 cal magazine.

    Just wondering if anyone has a used AICS / MDT 10 round .223 cal magazine they want to off load? This will be to fit into a MDT ESS chassis, so I don't think a polymer mag will do it as they tend to bulge when fully loaded (but stand to be corrected). Thanks a lot.
  5. Here's one for you to ponder. Has anyone tried to use or build a precision long range target or tactical rifle based around the .270 round? I only seem to have heard of it as a great deer rifle etc, but with the right bullets, match barrel and all is it something that would work? any thoughts or experience would be useful All the best
  6. ezmobile

    Posting Rifle stock within the U.K.

    Thanks a lot for that fella's, just as I imagined but I didn't want to go upsetting anyone. Have a good new year one & all. Cheers, Eric
  7. Hello. I'm looking for some advice on posting an rifle stock, bottom metal & 2 magazines within the U.K. Can anyone confirm if the royal mail (Express 48 service) will handle this or not? Their price is pretty good (London to Shetland for £11-00) and the only other thing I can think of is by ipost, which is £35 I've looked at the Express48 website to see what their restrictions are, but can't seem to make out if you can or can't post this with them. HELP. Thanks & happy new year.
  8. ezmobile


    Yep, I'll go with that.
  9. ezmobile

    AICS .223 cal magazine.

  10. For sale is a Contessa, Steel 10 moa picatinny rail for a Tikka T3 (possibly also other Tikka models?) This was mounted on my T3 s/a rifle and has seen very little use, and is in near perfect condition and is complete with the original 4 mounting screws. All marks & gunk shown on this image will be removed before posting to buyer. These are currently on the Alan Rhone website for £82-00 This is also advertised elsewhere. I'm looking for £55-00 posted. Cheers
  11. ezmobile

    AICS Mags 6.5 CM

    I've got a MDT 10 rnd poly mag for a .308, but when I stuff it to full capacity with 6.5 CM's it bulges and won't go into my MDT ESS chassis.
  12. Am I right to assume this will fit a Tikka T3 Varmint .223? If so, I'll have it please.
  13. ezmobile

    Advice on vintage watch

    I agree about the servicing costs. Many years back (34 to be precise) I was very lucky and came across a Sea Dweller that was going cheap, but it was in a state. It cost quite a lot to have it serviced and put right, but I thought was worth it at the time - then I sold in on about 9 years later after it started losing time, and at quite an alarming rate! (should have kept it though as it'd be worth a LOT of money now). I've recently been looking at a nice 2nd hand Omega Speedmaster, a lovely looking thing, but then I looked into the servicing costs of around £300 - £400 every 4 or 5 years and I had to ask myself if I really needed to have that bill every so often? Eventually, the answer came back, no I didn't! There is always a temptation to own something beautiful & well put together, but like a couple of old flames from my youth, they cost a lot of money to keep going in the long run! Now I make do with a good, reliable old banger that never lets me down. As for watches, well a tough, radio controlled, solar powered job is good enough for me. I don't need to try to impress anymore.
  14. For sale are 2 boxes (2 x 100 bullets) of Hornady .30 cal "Match" BTHP 195 grain bullets. #3095 *WEEKEND PRICE DROP, NOW £30 PER BOX, POSTED !* NOW SOLD! These can also be collected from my home address in West London, we can meet up at Bisley or I could drop them off to you if you're not too far away. Cheers!
  15. Hi Sean, If you still have them I'll have the 180 grain ELD-M's please. PM me with details
  16. Hi mate. Call it cash and I'll drop them down to you - sound ok? PM me and we'll sort out the details. All the best
  17. I have a box (100) of Hornady .30 cal ELD-Match 208 grain bullets for sale. Part No. 30731. Price £40.00 inc P & P or can drop down to Bisley Cheers.

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