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  1. We don't need Trump to sell us any crap food, we already do o.k. with it as it is. Have you walked up any high street in the last 20+ years?
  2. ezmobile

    6.5 creed Moor

    A very good caliber. I bought one a couple of years ago (Savage Mod12 LRP, heavy 26'' fluted barrel 1:8 twist) and put it in a MDT ESS chassis. I worked up some rounds for it and settled on Nosler RDF 140grn bullets over RS62 powder in Hornady brass, putting out 2800 fps - shoots like a dream. I recently came back from Orion firearms training in mid Wales where it printed a 'rapid fire' 3 round group of 68mm at 800 yards - with a 25 mph full value wind. Personally, I'd say get one!
  3. ezmobile

    Why the 2nd Amendment matters in the US.

    Well said mate.
  4. Bloody good scope. If I were in need of another one I'd certainly have it!! Good luck.
  5. ezmobile

    A small insight to what we do.

    I'd also like to give a thumbs up to Jacks work. I rocked up at his workshop a few months ago to get a barrel threaded and a brake fitted which was done while I went for a stroll, and then got a jump start for my car afterwards! Can't say fairer than that.
  6. I've been looking for a reasonable Cosine indicator to put on a 34 mm scope tube / or attach to the rail. The only ones I see are either cheap Chinese poop, and I don't want to put any of my money towards the CCP, or they are a couple of hundred quid + for one made by high end manufacturers. I don't buy cheap, but neither do I want to fork out £££'s for something I'll only use a couple of times at most - especially for something that not exactly hi-tec, as its only a small pendulum when you come right down to it. Any suggestions? Cheers all.
  7. ezmobile

    Advice wanted

    I concur. I used to put .22 CCI 'Quiet" through mine (@740 fps) and with a SAK moddy it was deathly silent, but accurate. I could put 10 shots through a 10p piece circle at 45 yds. Then I sold it...Doh!
  8. ezmobile

    Long range scope

    I too bought one of thos 5-50 Strykers. Bloody good bit of kit I reckon.
  9. Oh well, there's light on the horizon. I think they originally flagged an opening at the end of July or August if I remember correctly. (I'd hate to think all the golfers were getting the jump on us!)
  10. ezmobile

    Why we do this

    Gets me out of the way of my wife when, seemingly, I've upset her!☺️ Seriously though, in a way I do quite enjoy it, locked away in my "man cave" and having a solo conversation! Message to KABOOM: I was meant to be up your way in Wyoming in a couple of weeks time.......Ah well, maybe next year?
  11. Can I suggest you contact Alison at Wildcat. A very friendly lady who'll let you know everything you need to know. BTW. I have a Predator 12 on my .308 and I rate it highly. All the best.
  12. ezmobile

    Bullet Surface Texture

    Couldn't have explained it better myself! As for surface texture, my guess would be that its the actual shape of the bullet that the biggest contributor to aerodynamic performance. Wouldn't putting a texture on the surface, as opposed to a smooth finish, just impair it? That said, I've heard that the dimples in a golf ball apparently aid in its flight.
  13. ezmobile

    Bullet Surface Texture

    My thought would be that nearly all copper objects machined are shiny (just think of copper plumbing tubes & fittings, copper wire etc.) because (a) they're newly made. (b) they are boxed immediately after production, helping to prevent oxidisation on the material. I rather doubt that they're actually "polished".
  14. ezmobile

    Bullet Surface Texture

    Is it not the case that while "driving bands" are made of a soft metal, like copper or similar, the shell casing itself is much harder - steel perhaps, thereby containing the bursting charge to a higher pressure, and also steel on steel would wreck the barrel rifling after a few rounds. I'm not an expert on this, just working with common sense.

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