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  1. For sale is my Caldwell 'Fire Control' front rest. This rest is several months old but has "Never" been used due to a change of direction. It comes with its original box & packaging and is totally blemish free. I had filled the small forend bag rest but thats all. It weighs quite a bit, around 18Lbs or so , therefore to post it would be fairly dear I guess (although I haven't actually checked to see how much) So it can be collected from my W. London home, I can meet up with you at Bisley, or I will deliver to about 20 miles - ish from home. If you want it posted I'll look into it if
  2. Hello mate, do you still have this scope for sale? I have a friend who may be interested in it. All the best Eric
  3. By 'Beaten up' I mean the recoil of say a 190 / 200 grain .30 cal bullet from a .300 WinMag which would give similar ballistics to a slippery 140gn 6.5
  4. I use Nosler 140 grain RDF, with 43.5 grains of RS62. 26 in barrel with a 1:8 twist. (Savage Mod 12 LRP) @ 2800 fps with similar groups to 'Kevgun'.
  5. In my opinion the 6.5 Creed outperforms the .308 at long range. My 6.5Cm, with a heavy (140 grain) slippery, bullet in a 1:8 twist 26'' barrel beats any .308 I have (even my .308 Target Rifle) and stays supersonic at around 1200 /1300 yards. If you have to have a .308, get a 30'' + barrel with a 1:10 / 1:9 twist for the heavier, longer bullets, but you'll feel the increased recoil. The 6.5 CM can give similar ballistic to the .300 WinMag, but without getting beaten up into the bargain.
  6. I've just passed this on to someone who may be interested - fingers crossed!
  7. I've got both. One (GE) on an F classer & a Stryker on 6.5 CM 'tacticool' rifle. I love both of them.
  8. Hiya. Thanks for getting in touch. I'd prefer to sell it all as a set as a possible chassis buyer would then need a bipod for it. Cheers, all the best.
  9. For sale is my 'used' AICS non folding chassis + action screws, for a Short Action (.308 etc) Remington 700 or clone. With this are a set of very good condition 'Viperskins' in black with a spare set of 'Butt skins' with a different sized cutout, plus a Parker Hale spigot type Bipod - no magazine included! Looking for £700.00 P&P covered by buyer, or can be delivered to Bisley or 20 mile rad from my W. London home or collected from there. Thanks for looking. 23/6/21 price now £650-00 (same conditions re postage etc)
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