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  1. I haven’t really thought of selling, but don’t do enough range time to justify the chasis. Drop me a PM I’ll dig in to TAC A1 prices and let you know
  2. These are cracking stocks/ Chasis. M tempted to move on my TAC A1 chasis and replace it with this.
  3. Hi mate I have a vortex golden eagle if you would be interested 

  4. It pains me to read writes this, but the reality of life means that the rifle it sits on gets out once or twice a year at most. ZCO 4-20 MPCT 1 reticle. full spec below and including the spuhr mount. 2250 GBP posted to your door, PX or swaps considered on a decent stalking scope, Zeiss, kahles, Swarovski, Meopta considered. Boxed in VGC pics by watsapp or email. https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/zero-compromise-optics-zco-zc420-4-20x50-ir-ffp-mil-mil-mpct1-rifle-scope-w-free-spuhr-isms-scope-mount
  5. Final price drop to 2325 posted. It’s a steal at that price. Open to deals involving another scope, stalking orientated. ad will be removed tomorrow if not sold.
  6. Nightforce nx8-4-32x 50 in mint condition boxed as it left the factory. Mil xt reticle. no big right up if you are looking you know what it is and what it’s worth. 1850 posted
  7. I’m on the last price drop. It is an absolute steal at this price. Eyeing up a set of tier one rings to stick it on a stalking rifle and sell the NX 8 instead
  8. Elevation is CCW now price drop to 2400 posted. Final price drop and then I’m keeping it.
  9. TTT one last bump and it will be getting mounted on a stalking rifle. incredible glass at a great saving.
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