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  1. Perfect, send me a message if your mate would like my number. Contemplating sticking a scope on the rifle and heading to the range Sunday.
  2. TTT if it dosent go getting mounted and used sunday
  3. Back to the top, a bargain if a rifle for someone. Happy to do a face to face deal within the central belt of Scotland.
  4. This must be the cheapest set up out there. no takers
  5. Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56 F2 Illuminated SF ZS SFP MIL-C Zero Stop Rifle Scope The Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56 F2 is building a high-magnification riflescope that delivers razor-sharp imaging across the entire zoom range is not easy. Fortunately, it is a technological challenge we've mastered in our Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56 F2 riflescopes. The brilliance and clarity that only the finest ED glass can provide is matched with the virtually indestructible construction that characterizes all of our ATACR riflescopes, resulting in what is, quite simply, the most precise, powerful instrument fo
  6. A Bergarra HMR in 6.5cm less than 300 rounds fired mounted in a KRG x ray chasis Shoots sellor and belliot ammo well. set up for use as both a hunting and target rifle. 1000 gbp transferred to your RFD. reason for sale is to many rifles not enough time. Open to offers or trades.
  7. Something other than a weak sentence and a deep understanding of the deprived background of the thugs involved. There is very little that can be done in some areas of the U.K.. would anyone fancy going up against them with a cayenne pepper spray and a baton made in China. I’m a firm believer all police should be armed.
  8. I am sorry your interactions with the police have been negative. The n regards to checking a potential suicide bomber is dead, and f they are down they are not a threat. Unfortunately the practicalities of checked by a pulse and breathing of someone possibly attached to explosives and shipyard confetti somewhat confuse the situation. perhaps they were following SOPS whilst awaiting an EOD team to analyse and disrupt the device if needed ? when the threat re-presented they in turn re-engaged my statement is not that they are not sufficiently trained.
  9. Quite good advertising reply the threat was eliminated. fire until the threat no longer presents, one round or twenty dead is dead there were no injuries from shoot through. it would be nice to be presented a nice T-box shot. But on this day unfortunately not. It would be nice to think that the police have hours of training to deal with SBIED however your average armed officer likely does not. this culture of looking to blame and criticise in hindsight at every opportunity is not healthy. in the unlikely event that most people come acr
  10. That I have not seen, what was the trade price ?
  11. Has any one taken the plunge ?
  12. Get in touch with a company called airsoft world in Glenrothes fife. they have full Keela waterproof suits in DPM. 99 quid for a jacket, the trousers I think are the same price. great quality kit at a reduced price as long as you don’t mind DPM
  13. change of plan only needing one stalking scope now swarovski z6i 3-18 x 50 BT recently serviced by Swarovski. 1380 posted Swarovski ds 5-25 x52 in new condition less than three months since purchase. 2900 cash. I have tier one rings to go with either scope for 80 quid a set. these are both fantastic scopes. Open to part exchange with cash my way on a longer range target orientated scope. Or a browning x bolt pro carbon or Sako carbonlight in 308. treat yourself.
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