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  1. It is however now sold and happily with its new owner
  2. Ttt. An excellent scope at I think a very good price. No takers.
  3. Bushnell Elite Tactical 3.5-21x50 ERS 34mm G2. Has a few minor marks on it from being fitted to a rifle but it’s in near new condition.Changing down to a 30 mm scope cash preferred but open to a swap on a Nightforce NXS not fussed on the cosmetics.I also have a one piece mount I believe Badger ordinance that I can throw in for 150 there is a screw missing from the mount hence the bargain price. It is the tactical model with 6 screws in either bracket.Scope 800 posted mount 150. If both taken together 900.Prices are posted.
  4. No one interested ?
  5. 2670 takes the DS and I’ll throw in the rings. Z6 I still here as well. both scopes a bargain.
  6. topscots1

    Leupold scope

    The turrets look like Mark 4. Leupold has a website where you can check the serial number. the mark 4 is one of the most copied/faked scopes in the world. have your mate check the serial number. They are decent scopes.
  7. Both still here open to reasonable offers on either.
  8. Very good condition bergarra HMR bedded in to a a PSE Tactical stock. In 6. 5 cm A light and very comfortable rifle to use. Just not enough time to use the 6.5 As I don’t reload the most expensive to shoot is the rifle that must go. It has had very little use. The PSE stock is excellent I have another one on order for my 308. The stock required some bedding work done as I bought it used. Ronin on here bedded the stock, bottom metal and action in a very good job. The rifle is a solid dependable and accurate in the calibre if the day at bargain prices. 1650 rifle is 1150 new Stock 800 Bedding 200 Bottom metal 200 Mags 80 each 250 Plus RFDs to have it bedded Pictures are not the best I’m afraid more by email or watsapp if requested. Can come as a complete package with a choice of scopes For an additional price. Swarovski z6 i 3-18 x 50 Bushnell ERS 3-21 Or if someone fancies breaking the bank a Swarovski DS Attachments C881A3DC-1226-451B-9EE9-7A9ACF91B7E3.jpeg 289.2 KBViews: 35 D7B9ABD2-8D16-4A94-AAA6-DF4757034D97.jpeg 237.3 KBViews: 34 97269A13-12BA-4A4F-82A
  9. 2850 on the Ds or part exchange with another scope to me. nightforce, Schmidt and bender Swarovski. open to anything.
  10. Bump. They will both be mounted and zeroed next week. Grab a bargain.
  11. Any interest, great boots open to offers on all. Ignore the ting feet treat the wife to new boots.
  12. Price drop On the DS to 2880 also open to a part exchange with another scope my way. Anything considered.

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