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  1. topscots1


    This is extreme an attempt to set up an ambush style robbery, i am hoping you have reported it to the police. At best they intended to rob you, at worst they may have had the idea of using you to gain access to your firearms. If it was a mere robbery a bank transfer or paypal fraud would have worked, although traceable.
  2. topscots1


    Same scanners have tried on the stalking directory. What's more concerning is that the two idiots are or one are likeley shooters to be on these forums. Let's hope they get tracked down.
  3. topscots1

    Scope for driven Boar

    Any 1-6 will work well. I is d a sig sauer 1-6,x 24 purely because I didn't want to buy another scope for one trip. Its now sat gathering dust if you are interested.
  4. topscots1


    A bargain at this price surely someone out there must be tempted. A true one of a kind
  5. topscots1

    Vortex viper or night force nsx

    Depends what you are looking for, I have Nightforce and Gen 1 PST to be honest i am happy with both of them, i have no issues with either, they are not schmidt and bender or swarovski. However for a scope that is at home on the range as well as being capable stalking/foxing. A used PST GEN 1 can be had for 400-450 just now, thats a bargain with the lifetime warranty included.
  6. topscots1


    Yep, that is about where we are at with recruitment just now. It is getting better slowly but surely. Its unfortunate the army can't tie all departments down together. Hopefully they take him back in, if only to prevent him being traded in to slavery.
  7. topscots1


    Sounds like a fair deal, i may be interested, however the last 23 years of dealing with the mixture of stroppy teenagers and overeducated,under experienced public school boys. Unfortunately means i shall respectfully decline. However as he has decades of use left in him, i would happily get a recruiter to pop around and remove him from under your feet.
  8. topscots1


    Rifle is gathering dust, I don't see me ever squeezing in the time to use. Grab a piece of history. All trades part trades considered.
  9. If I did there is a nice cz in 22 hornet with Cluny guns in Fife. Not pretty but a tack driver in a boys stock. For 200quid. The stock alone is worth that.
  10. topscots1


    Final price drop
  11. 300wm barrel and stock gone 223 barrel bolt and insert 625 transferred to your RFD.
  12. How does the 50 round mag feed through a BAR 22 could be interested in them all.
  13. Can't get them to load, I can email or txt pictures.
  14. 300 wm barrel sold 1500 for the 223 rifle set up 1000 for the stock trigger and bolt 650 for the 223 barrel bolt face and magazine insert.

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