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  1. A good condition accuracy International AX chasis to suit a Remington 700 SA. priced to sell at 700 posted. i would consider a Px for a KRG X-ray or possibly something else.
  2. It is the model below the Stryker. Not sure in what way it is classed as below. For around 1 k it is a lot of scope.
  3. I have one I like it good glass good positive turrets and feels very well made.
  4. I tried to get the 4.5-27 none in FFP in stock in the U.K. when I was looking. Went with the 3-18 FFP and BDC reticle. It sits On a stalking rifle just now. Glass is good it has been used prior to sunrise a few times. The illuminated dot works well. A quality scope at a decent price.
  5. Christmas price drop. Need the space in the cabinet. 700 ransferred
  6. I went with the delta. The deals on the eotech look good in optics warehouse. The delta review above made me go with the cheaper option. I have an element helix SFP sat there which is a great scope for the money. Don’t think you would go far wrong with an element.
  7. I just pulled the trigger on the new delta javelin. Needing a scope for my 223 when my variation comes back. It was either that or the eotech VUDU the delta won out in the end.
  8. Have a look at the delta javelin or the meopta optika 6
  9. Did any one end up getting a Vudu. Looks a good scope for little money. American reviews don’t float my boat. Anyone on her actually using one.
  10. Sat on a couple of hundered sellout and Beloit 5.56 solid point ammo. My 223 is not a wylde chamber unfortunately so needs to go. I think it is 62 or 69 he stuff will check later. also not sure what it’s worth thinking twenty quid for twenty rounds and would need to be face to face in fife. If any good to anyone get in touch Happy to accept offers or trade for 223 ammo.
  11. Tikka T3 x CTR round count around 260-300 in 308. in a standard factory non adjustable stock with the stainless barrel. to many rifles and not enough time prompts the sale. i now have a dedicated stalking rifle and this has to go. Possible exchange part exchange on a 223 AR. Preferably with a Wylde chambering. 775 face to face socially distanced in fife or 800 transferred. a quality accurate rifle with little use at a good price for someone.
  12. Another though slightly less painful sale. Marlin 44 lever action including a 30 mm scope mount fitted to the receiver. I haven’t shot this rifle much originally bought for light target shooting and some boar in Europe. Given the current situation and my hectic schedule ranges are rare and the Europe trip has been delayed a while. I have around 200 rounds of ammo which are included In the sale. Face to face preferred but can transfer if required. I would rather this rifle spent its time with a lever action lover. Serial number leads me to a 2009 manufacture date and this being
  13. What’s it worth ? Stainless marlin 44magnum with a couple of Hundred rounds. got it through a trade deal I planned to use it abroad for driven game. Now sat redundant the rifle is in good condition and comes with a 30 mm scope mount attached. really don’t have a clue what it’s worth. I will stick some pictures up tomorrow. Any one a lever action lover.
  14. I think I’m still going to take a punt on this rifle, yes it may have suffered a fault most production rifles have. The desert does some pretty shitty things to rifles. a nice short 308 will hopefully be in my cabinet next year sometime.
  15. I was quite tempted by one of these. Has anyone confirmed that the rifle has been recalled or was it a fault on that rifle only ?
  16. Not a lot, Burris make some very good scopes. The NXS is a sturdier optic. The Burris does the same but Propably wouldn’t use it as a hammer
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