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  1. mikeroz

    Ammo from 1960s compared to today.

    The saddle (loin) is some of the best meat on any animal, my game dealer gives me £1/lb but only 50p/lb if there is saddle damage. No deduction for shoulder damage. Correct me if I'm quoting you incorrectly(can't be bothered to backtrack thoughthis thread) but you said income wasn't something that concerned you, if so, and the number of deer you take each year is also as you state, then if your aim is proficient then surely one or two deduction out of 30 deer is of no consequence. Game dealers have to cover their backsides and also make a profit. If they didn't they'd go out of business and then you'd soon find yourself travelling further to your game dealer, who'd then have a bigger monopoly (in your wider regional area) and screw you even more.
  2. mikeroz

    Ammo from 1960s compared to today.

    I would argue not. You would be surpised how light bullets with low BCs shed kinetic energy as distances increase. Even my go to favourite 243 is guilty of this over 200m. When taking deer we owe it to our quarry to be as humane as possible. With regards to an earlier posting about head shots, whilst we all know people do head shot, I wouldn't advocate doing so online. Remember, we can all accidentally gut shot an animal when taking a heart and lung shot. Not, normally a problem, however if the point of aim was the head and the same margin of error ks applied you have the possibility of a deer running of with a damaged jaw and then dying a painful death. If anykne on here no matter how god a shot is comfortable with that then you operate a different attitude towards humane dispatch than myself!
  3. mikeroz

    Ammo from 1960s compared to today.

    Couldn't agree with Brown dog more. Do at least 2 BDS range days a year for the past 25 years and I find it quite amusing how many people fail the 4 inch zeroing target on the first detail. My last range day at the beginning of December, only myself and one other passed the 1st detail first time out of about 6 of us!! Strangely these are the same guys that insist that we shouldn't be culling animals over 100 metres. My 243 is zeroed for 200m and I can mentally adjust for the ballistic trajectory between 40m and 100m on the test to get some of the tightest groups on the day.
  4. mikeroz

    6mm roe deer bullet

    Your welcome. I'd like to caveat my last post. When I said my experience was not of a bullet exploding or fragmenting in an unwanted manner, I must repeat my experience is only of shots that have not hit the shoulder, just clean "engine room" shots.
  5. mikeroz

    6mm roe deer bullet

    I was sceptical as maybe you are. They were recommended to me by my local gunsmiths Dauntsey Guns who are in a high density roe area. They said that the feedback they'd had from customers was good. I can't deny it's marketed as a varmint bullet but my experience has not been that of it exploding / fragmenting in an unwanted manner.
  6. mikeroz

    6mm roe deer bullet

    Forgot to say, I worked up a good round with N140 but settled on R15 in thecend as marginally more accurate. Admittedly R15 is more temperature sensitive so to be quite honest the N140 only slightly less accurate would have been the more sensible choice.
  7. mikeroz

    6mm roe deer bullet

    Shot in the region of 50 roe with 87 grain V-Max in 243 Win @ circ 3100fps MV. No silly head shots, all heart and or lungs. Not on one of them have I accidentally hit the shoulder, so I can't account for how they expand if you do. What I can say is this, these are by far the best bullet I have used on roe. No excessive damage, whether 40m shot or 250m shot. If you hit the heart and or lungs with the odd rib only on entrance on exit then you get good exit and blood and never more than your normal 20 metre run before they collapse for obvious reasons. I have 308 and 284 but 243 87grns are my roe preferred choice. I say I've shot about 50, it may be more, I'm just being conservative. They are reasonably prices and good BC to boot. Mike
  8. None of those loads were showing any pressure signs.
  9. Yeah, I have been using RS60 based on MikMacks recommendation, however I too wanted to try less of a barrel burner. Mine is a Carbon wrapped Hardy barrel 284win with a 0.318 neck. Chrono readings with RS60 were. COAL 3.114", 51grns, 3 rds in fps; 2862, 2851, 2853 3.151" 51grns, bullet jam; 2843, 2856, 2853 3.100" 51grns, .024 jump; 2817, 2814, 2816 The first shot we took with 51grns measured 2924, I can't remember the COAL but might have been 3.025" before Mik throated it out a bit more whilst I was there.
  10. What COAL and barrel length are you shooting those 162 amax from Noideer? I was planning on loading some 162g ELDs with N165, I ran my data through QL based on 26" 1:8 barrel and 3.100 COAL and it was showing absolutely max pressure at 55.1g of N165. Now I know QL can sometimes be off the mark, however 2 whole grains is a lot. Birchall, if I Remember correctly Nathan Foster in his Ballistics website suggests 280Remington should be a likable comparison. I wouldn't load againt 6.5x284 as different barrel diameter would give different pressures??. Where's Laurie when you need him? Cast your pearls of wisdom please Laurie.
  11. mikeroz

    Can this be right?

    Oh, and I too hardly ever use my PM2 below 8 power.
  12. mikeroz

    Can this be right?

    I have a PM2 3-16x50 FFP P4F MRAD single turn. Had it new about 12 or 13 years ago. I also have an IOR Recon, had it about 12 months. I love the PM2, would buy another in a heart beat. Thought I'd give the IoR a go as everyone was raving over them. I like it, it's a good scope, but I don't like it as much as the PM2.
  13. mikeroz

    rebarrel expectations

    Was this gunsmith in the Netherlands or one of your neighbouring countries? Curious.
  14. Don't forget location too!

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