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  1. None of those loads were showing any pressure signs.
  2. Yeah, I have been using RS60 based on MikMacks recommendation, however I too wanted to try less of a barrel burner. Mine is a Carbon wrapped Hardy barrel 284win with a 0.318 neck. Chrono readings with RS60 were. COAL 3.114", 51grns, 3 rds in fps; 2862, 2851, 2853 3.151" 51grns, bullet jam; 2843, 2856, 2853 3.100" 51grns, .024 jump; 2817, 2814, 2816 The first shot we took with 51grns measured 2924, I can't remember the COAL but might have been 3.025" before Mik throated it out a bit more whilst I was there.
  3. What COAL and barrel length are you shooting those 162 amax from Noideer? I was planning on loading some 162g ELDs with N165, I ran my data through QL based on 26" 1:8 barrel and 3.100 COAL and it was showing absolutely max pressure at 55.1g of N165. Now I know QL can sometimes be off the mark, however 2 whole grains is a lot. Birchall, if I Remember correctly Nathan Foster in his Ballistics website suggests 280Remington should be a likable comparison. I wouldn't load againt 6.5x284 as different barrel diameter would give different pressures??. Where's Laurie when you need him? Cast your pearls of wisdom please Laurie.
  4. mikeroz

    Can this be right?

    Oh, and I too hardly ever use my PM2 below 8 power.
  5. mikeroz

    Can this be right?

    I have a PM2 3-16x50 FFP P4F MRAD single turn. Had it new about 12 or 13 years ago. I also have an IOR Recon, had it about 12 months. I love the PM2, would buy another in a heart beat. Thought I'd give the IoR a go as everyone was raving over them. I like it, it's a good scope, but I don't like it as much as the PM2.
  6. mikeroz

    rebarrel expectations

    Was this gunsmith in the Netherlands or one of your neighbouring countries? Curious.
  7. Don't forget location too!
  8. mikeroz

    Carbon wrapped barrels

    I have a 26" Hardy on my 284Win 1:8 done by Mik at Dolphin. It's on a Sako 75 which Proof don't make blanks of the corrects tenon size for. Only had it a short while and haven't done enough load development yet to say if it's a good one or not. Pros, looks nice and is lovely and lightweight, cons, because it's light, which is what I wanted, noticeably more recoil than my 20" .308. I suppose you can't have your cake and eat it! Mik bought a number of barrels of Hardys when he got mine. He also stocks Proof. Best of luck in whatever you decide on.
  9. mikeroz

    Bix\n Andy trigger sako 75

    What are they like Dan and how much do they cost? How do they compare with a Jewell on a R700 for instance? My 75 has the standard trigger.
  10. mikeroz

    shehane or 284W

    1:8 for me.
  11. mikeroz

    shehane or 284W

    Thanks Laurie, as always very informative and useful ATB Mike
  12. mikeroz

    shehane or 284W

    Is the n165 still ok with a 26inch barrel? I would have thought as it's slower burning it'd be better suited to 30 inch barrels. Not that I've tried it. If it is ok then great as I have a tub I haven't opened. It'll be worth giving it a go. I feel I've still got a bit of load development to do with my new 284 as it hasn't been as tight as I was expecting yet.
  13. mikeroz

    shehane or 284W

    No one else has said what bullets they are using for given velocities. Bullets and weighs please.
  14. mikeroz

    shehane or 284W

    284W COAL 3.100 inches, 51.0 Grn RS60, 26 inch 1:8 twist Hardy barrel 2815 fps. That's with about 50 rounds through it. Using 162grn hornady eld-x .
  15. mikeroz

    Rem700 SA PSS stock

    I have one. Genuine HS Precision PSS. I'll PM you

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