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  1. Dac9976

    LEM case cleaner.

    Thanks mate👍🏻
  2. Dac9976

    LEM case cleaner.

    Hi I’m looking to buy a LEM case cleaner, my question is are they worth the money? any feedback would be great before I purchase. cheers Danny.
  3. For sale as above. pm for pics. £350. SOLD cheers Danny.
  4. It seems I’ve struck the bayonet. Slight mark right at the end. been advised that a v3 bayonet will fit the older V2. first chrono I’ve ever shot..... probably not the last😂. cheers Danny.
  5. Thanks fellas.....will try again next week. have to say it wasn’t this sensitive in the past! cheers Danny.
  6. Hi had issues with the above chrono. says “ bad connection with number 2 sensor” anyone else had this issue? can it be repaired? Don’t fancy buying another one! cheers Danny.
  7. Dac9976

    Tikka 695 stock

    Thanks for the info and feedback chaps👍🏻
  8. Dac9976

    Tikka 695 stock

    GRS hybrid ordered 👍🏻
  9. Dac9976

    Tikka 695 stock

    Thanks mate. Going to look at some GRS stocks this weekend.
  10. Dac9976

    Tikka 695 stock

    Boyds any good? Ridiculous cheap.
  11. Dac9976

    Tikka 695 stock

    I’m determined to get something sorted with this action 😀.
  12. Dac9976

    Tikka 695 stock

    Thanks for the info👍🏻 I’ve got limited stock options for my action. Will give it some thought. Danny.
  13. Dac9976

    Tikka 695 stock

    Hi Looking at stock options for a build on a 695 action . does anyone know if a stock for later model tikka could be made to fit a 695 action? thanks in advance 👍🏻 Danny.

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