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  1. sam39

    Going shooting during Covid-19

    Yes why not discuss? I see stalking as more risky, chance of a knife accident involving hospital treatment. Shooting vermin out of your truck window or on your farm is diffrent. i have decided to stop shooting at the moment. Got too much work on anyway and want to play it safe with my permissions and police
  2. Thanks for that it’s good to know what they recommend. Variations in measurement (from turret to front of scope) would have more effect at close range 0 to 50m. with all other variables it would be lost at 1000m happy shooting Sam
  3. Measure at the front get a micrometer measure barrel width below the front of the bell, measure gap between bottom of scope bell and top of barrel, measure scope bell add together and divide by 2. I don’t think it is a critical measurement anyway. Done with a ruler by eye would probably do
  4. Following................ do it all scope......long range varminting, good in low light but also will work say an add on Pard. I was looking at the Delta 3-24 x 56 ED? Does anyone have experience of this scope? the mag range and some general good feed back re Delta optics is catching my interest. 2 watch-outs pointed out to me were, if an add on could fit on with the ocular illumination? Is the tall dialing turret option going to block the ir of a Pard?
  5. sam39

    Sad news: Bradders.

    Very sad, I did not know Mark but very much enjoyed his input on this forum RIP Mark
  6. 'customercare.uk@zeiss.com' based in Cambridge
  7. sam39

    223 roe bullet

    Never got on to the game kings. I now use a 6mm to combine longer range gongs and roe legal for England, I did not feel the 223 was not a suitable caliber for Roe. Sako 55gr soft points were great. most shot at 100M some to 170M no way i feel is it a bit light weight at those ranges. I would say perfect. Its all about shot placement not 243 vs 223 I dont think anyone is shooting "90Kg +" deer with a 244? 25Kg Larder weight is a good Roe or are my scales broken?
  8. sam39

    D-Day recollections

    Agree. Thank you Brown Dog
  9. sam39


    I don’t lube in side of neck when using neck bushing die. Just out side of neck Take the bushing out now and then, clean and put a bit of oil on it. Buggers for getting stuck in if left in untouched. this Die de primes, no expander and bumps the shoulder back. I clean well after every use. Bushing is .265 this gives me 1.5 to 2 thou neck tension
  10. I have also just got a z aim and get on fine with it. Its not that great as a normal sling but i have a hand spare when i use it like that. when the cross over strap is in place I think its a huge improvement. getting over fences and having 2 hands spare perfect!
  11. sam39

    Thermal Axion xm30 V Xeye e3max

    Thank you for this very interesting. I am keen to know what the best Axion is like vs the XQ38F.............real life experience.
  12. sam39


    I have got on well with the z aim pro stalker . It’s not 100% perfect when used as a conventional sling but when the cross buckle is in place it leaves 2 hands spare for binocular use and climbing over fences great if you have a heavy mod and bipod buggering up the weight distribution of the rifle. Strap around the pistol grip a tad annoying but no big deal
  13. sam39

    Behind the license revocation

    Interesting. Never seen a flock of pigeons on a potato field. Rooks pull a few out of the drills after the tops are dead but get a field next to a release pen birds dusting and pecking gives you a fair few green spuds with holes in! Only localised damage
  14. sam39

    Behind the license revocation

    How long have pigeons and rooks (you tend not to get 500 crows together) eaten potatoes? ..........people that make assumptions “because they will always be here” don’t they make you smile
  15. sam39

    Behind the license revocation

    I would be surprised that that is the reason the place is over run with rabbits

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