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  1. weejohn

    What scope for a Pard 007

    Its made by ludicrous lumens , i can actually go all the way to 50x mag on my fox target @ 230 yards . https://www.ludicrous-lumens.co.uk/VULPINE_MK3_ULTRA_SHORT_HIGH_PERFORMANCE_NEAR_EYE_ADD_ON_70mm-78mm/p6841183_20219414.aspx
  2. weejohn

    What scope for a Pard 007

    Not a pard but a vulpine mk3 . Slightly dodgy just using my phone but hopefully you get the idea . There are 4 or 5 videos on my channel . Mag was 15x and backed it off to 7x , the stump is 200 yards . Other vids shows a badger that appeared , a badger at 400 yards or so (cant quite remember) and a sheep at 500 yards . Unfortunately it looks like i may need to now sell the atn 4k to put towards another March 🤦‍♂️
  3. weejohn

    What scope for a Pard 007

    Was that me Elwood?
  4. weejohn

    Optics help

    I am not a FFP scope person and i always go for a minimal crosshair but you should have a good look at march scopes , they are pretty small and light and have a huge range of various reticles.
  5. I have always wondered about the original 5x drone , can the doubler be fitted without any change in point of impact or does it need re-zeroed once fitted ? The reason i wondered is i shoot 2 different types of land , one is quite open hill where a lot of shots can be 200 yards + and the other can be anything up to 150 yards so both the 5x and 10x would be ideal .
  6. Nice to see someone else uses a rifle with the correct bolt/port configuration.
  7. Depends how heavy the gun you have is . I use this kind on my lighter gun to save swapping slings from gun to gun but the niggeloh titan2 is far better.
  8. weejohn


    I have used a few different ir lasers/led torches and i have settled on ian sirrels xtl laser , superb build quality and great beam . I would say the Domed version of his XTL would be the best for your needs . (i bought both)
  9. weejohn

    .284 win Doughnuts

    I use 160gr TMK . I havnt used it on boar , only from squirrels to deer . After lots of researching calibres the straight 284 seemed to be one of the most efficient calibres in 7mm and a huge range of bullets from 100gr upwards.
  10. weejohn

    .284 win Doughnuts

    I only use mine for hunting and it does a super job of it , no case prep needed with the norma brass , just resize, load and shoot it .
  11. weejohn

    .284 win Doughnuts

    The 6.5x284 lapua brass is terrible for it , i have a no turn neck in my 284 and got donuts on the very first firing. I eventually gave up neck turning to get rid of them and bought norma brass .
  12. weejohn

    .284 win Doughnuts

    Just buy norma brass and forget about donuts . 🙂
  13. This is what i use for the dolphin stock . Is this what you are after ? https://www.sportingservices.co.uk/products/accu-shot-bt28-afar-kit
  14. weejohn

    Desperately seeking bedlington whippet

    I was about to say the exact thing.
  15. the best mount i have used by far is the wicked available from scottcountry

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