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Primers ?

Nick 53

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Hi all,

I’ve just learned that BR4 small rifle primers are not available.

I'm shooting a 6br with a sierra match king 107 with Viht 150 what are my options and availability for primers ? 
Thanks Nick

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Whatever foxy has in stock!

Seriously, I wouldn't recommend using a CCI standard small rifle primer in the 6BR as you may increase the chances of blanking and piercing the primers, I've seen it happen enough to know that small rifle magnum primers with their thicker cup are the way to go, especially if you are using a factory action and bolt that has not had the firing pin bushed.     Now I'm sure there are those that get away with the standard small rifle primer in their rifles, but why risk it when it is a relatively common occurrence?  I'm sure Brian has some S & B small rifle magnum primers in stock which I will be trying when my stock of CCI450's is exhausted.

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Thank you 

would you keep me updated with the results using S&B primers 


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the S&B SR did well in my small rifle primers tests in 308 Win 'Palma' brass with an N150 based load.




(In the previous large rifle primer tests in 308, S&B was the overall 'winner')


On 3/13/2024 at 6:47 PM, 6mmBR said:

Magtec primers are virtually the only primer about. I’ve used them and they seem fine but not tried them in a 6br though. 


David, the Magtech 7 1/2 was the overall winner in the aforementioned SR tests in 308 Win. It's my choice in my 6BR Lawton / Benchmark Benchrest 'Light Gun' too and has given me good results with a 107gn SMK / N150 load. Its only downside IME is that the cup seems to be slightly softer brass than the CCI-450 / BR4, so is more prone to crater.

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Plenty primers over in Durham area if you’d like to travel. BH Firearms chap was very helpful regarding viht powders and primers. 
RWS large rifle and federal small rifle were in stock, also n140/150 so got a lot to keep me going. 
it’s worth checking the local rfds rather than just relying solely on the big shops. 
Had a long trip to Forrest lodge guns last year to get primers from Teesside area but if need s must that’s what has to be done. 
good luck 

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I’m still using up the murom lrp from two years back that were £48 for a thousand. Federal gmm are the next to get used . Have a good ring around then have a day out getting supplies . 

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