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  1. Go to the bottom of the forums page and there is a 'contact us' tab.
  2. I've never bothered with a tube mic, just set up the turner so it skims the brass, re-size, seat a bullet, measure with standard mic or dial caliper. If too thick, expand up and skim a bit more off. I think getting them all the same is more important than the actual neck clearance, as long you you have some clearance and it's not too excessive. Various rounds I shoot vary from .002 to .006 clearance and I don't think one is any better than the other. A tube mic would be quicker measuring of course with less faff and if you have limited bushing size options, assuming you're using bushing d
  3. Sightron 8-32 as Furrybean suggested or any Nightforce with 32+ on the top end, they tend to hold value better than Sightron which may be useful if you the kind that likes to trade up. I wouldn't personally go below 32 power whatever you choose and also fixed powers may be an option if you are struggling to make weight for F/TR. I use the NSX 12- 42 but it hardly ever gets used below 42x, even in heavy mirage
  4. Diggle ranges, shot 900 yards F class last Saturday, also 800 and 900 yards earlier this year. Also may have shot 1000 yard Benchrest but it's not something I participate in.
  5. Different bullet, you have VLD's, the buyer wants hybrids.
  6. Luke Wadsworth in Huddersfield did one for me a few years ago, very happy with the workmanship and the way it shot. He had a couple of his own plus various other single shots and seemed to know them inside out.
  7. Not necessarily, there are plenty of accurate rifles built on 10/22's, Volquartson, AMT etc that would rival most bolt actions. The main detriment to rimfire accuracy is the ammo, always has been, always will be.
  8. Got my latest Boretech from Spud, Dolphin arms also stock them. That's all I use, they seem to have better bearings in my experience.
  9. Small base FL Bushing sizing die & Body die Both in excellent condition, no rust internal or external £30.00 the set
  10. You could also modify that slightly and have an adjustable cheekpiece riser, once the stock was cut on a bandsaw and inletted. I think I paid around about a hundred quid a few years ago to obtain one.
  11. Sure will, Sierra 168's out of a .308 have a long history of going through the target sideways at 1000 yards
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