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  1. Tried to PM you, but says you can't receive messages. Might need to clear you inbox, or PM me.
  2. Have the following sizes available. All in excellent condition, no scratches or rust. £10.00 each plus post .259 TN coated .263 steel .267 steel .268 steel .290 steel .309 steel
  3. Fingers crossed they arrive OK Al. If they have taken payment I assume they would follow through with the transaction. The springs were supposed to be a freebie although I was more than happy to pay for the items and postage. Maybe I am doing them a disservice but as I said I had heard from others about non supply of promised parts, presumably also freebies. If you are going to order anything else let me know and maybe I'll get the spring(s) after all. Richard.
  4. Alan's suggestion is a good one but I think they have an issue with sending parts outside the US. I contacted them about sending lighter springs, offered to pay whatever the cost would be and they said no problem, they would send some but they never arrived and I've heard the same from other people as well. I have a top safety lever with arms, plus (I think) all the other parts you may need (internal cam, torsion spring, a couple of slotted pins) although one of these came off a Rifle Basix trigger I swopped out for the Jewell as it worked better with the bolt release function on the RB,
  5. Don't have any experience with the Quad but sounds like the firing pin spring needs changing. Also could try cleaning out the bolt if you haven't already, in case there is a build up of dirt or old oil which could be slowing the firing pin down.
  6. Gary, See attached, but yes, slips over rail and secured with three grub screws. Goes over full length of rail which is 7" on the short action.
  7. As title, Good condition with screws and wrench £20.00 plus post.
  8. Kelbly '0' tilt Panda to Picatinny adaptor. As new, not been used. £40.00 plus post
  9. Single stage/two stage trigger for Remington 700/40X or custom actions that utilise Remington style triggers. Standard trigger blade & Anschutz blade, spare second lever return spring and light and heavy first stage springs. Can be adjusted from approx 8ozs to 3.5lbs No bolt release or safety Excellent condition, some minor marks on the outer casing from being held within a trigger hanger £150.00 plus post
  10. Berger website shows the 80g FB Varmint bullet stabilised by a 1:12 twist. Stabilisation is more dependent on bullet length than weight so that must be a stubby little number. Most bullet manufacturers websites will list the recommended twist rates for each bullet
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