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Markings and Serial Numbers


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I have a question for those that know please (RFD) regarding marking firearms when changing barrels (either switch barrel or replacement):

Guide to Firearms Licensing 2022:     27.12 Firearms, including any relevant (essential) component parts (whether part of a firearm or not), imported into the UK must have markings which are clear, permanent and visible. Firearms and relevant component parts (barrel, frame, receiver (including upper and lower receivers), slide, cylinder, bolt or breech block manufactured on or after 1 January 1900 must be marked with: • Name of manufacturer or brand; • Country or place of manufacture; • Serial number; • Year of manufacture (if not part of the serial number); and • Model, where feasible.

How do the Police manage serial number recording when a receiver and barrels could have different numbers ?

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There is a space on your FAC for additional numbers , it says

Identification number and the unique identifying mark as applied the the firearm's frame, or receiver and, where different , the unique identifying mark as applied to each relevant component part.

I have advised my force of different receiver and upper serial numbers. They acknowledged it and said it had been recorded on the firearms database system. They haven't, to date, written the second number on my certificate.

Most new rifles I have seen have had the same number on each component part.



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We have spare barrels in different calibres for a couple of our rifles and there's no identifying number for these either on the barrels or the FAC's.

Just the calibre and manufacturers name, "spare barrel" in the Type column, and "none" in the ID number column.

Then again, all our rifles are pretty much "mongrels", made up from various bits...


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When I got my last gun through from the US a couple of years ago, I had to go through the above shenanigans.

Before everything was shipped, I had the exporter arrange for the following items to be laser etched with unique serial numbers;

- action

- bolt and spare bolt

- Barrels 4x 

These are all listed on my FAC with their unique numbers (eg D1234 on action, D1234(1) bolt, D1234(2) spare bolt, D1234(B1) barrel 1, etc).

A faff, completely silly and pointless, but the law is sadly an ass!

But I too have many spare barrels chambered by U.K. smiths. None of those have serials, just ‘spare barrel’ or ‘NVN’ in the serial column. I think the whole individual serialised bit ONLY applies to components being imported.

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I have all rebarrels engraved with same serial number as the action at proof (be that a custom build or replacement barrel ) 

Should a build spec be for two or mor barrels on the same action then the serial numbers are different so accurate recording and remaining inside guidelines is maintained  

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