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Is it normal for subsonic ammo to....not be subsonic?


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Hi all

I've been trying out some different .22LR in my CZ 457 LRP. I'm curious about subsonic ammo.

  • CCI 40gr subsonic, three shots: 1138 fps, 1116 fp, 1136fps
  • Eley 40gr subsonic, three shots: 1118 fps, 1110 fps, 1106 fps
  • Only the RWS are providing to be subsonic: 1075, 1047, 1047, 1063, 1076.

Is this normal? I know barrel length, altitude, temperature etc all influence the velocity, but these seem consistently inconsistent!




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In my experience yes..

I use mainly eley match these days and get a fair few crackers..

Never bothered to measure velocities. 

You can tell if ones leaves the barrel a bit faster..

I think my CZ452 varmint has a 20 inch barrel..

What does it group like is the main..

Let the target tell you what it likes..

More than likely the more expensive will shoot better.

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I used to swear by eley subs in my anschutz but the newer 38 grain subs often go crack so I’ve changed to the RWS subsonic hollow points and they are much quieter and consistently quiet. Winchester subs are also good. Both types of ammo will need the point of impact re zeroing and work out your new drops . StrelokPro is useful for this .

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I've been running CCI clean blue subsonic for a while now and not had a cracker

The CCI website says 1070 fps and chronoing about 30 rounds gave a maximum MV of 1089, minimum of 1045 with an average of 1074

I know they are no hollow points and should not be used on live quarry, but in my experience hollow points just go straight through rabbits anyway - so what's the difference

A head shot with either bullet is an instant kill and a chest shot with either bullet will not kill instantly, but the rabbit will dead a few seconds later.





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Into gel the eley and Winchester expand to about 8mm diameter. They do pass through rabbits but can’t tell how much they can expand in such a short distance through a rabbit’s body of 3 to 4 inches wide?? . All depends on the hardness of the lead . 

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