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Scope suggestions please


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Evening everyone. 

Im hoping to set up a .223 some time next year for a mix of plinking at Bisley and night time foxing and rabbits. 

Any suggestions as to a scope that would do the business for both target work and be compatible with a mk3 ludicrous lumens rear add on?

Any advice welcome (other than get two separate scopes)



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Foxing not fixing 🙄
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Howa 1500 hopefully. I’ve always used 2nd but not averse to 1st. Sub £1000. 

My thoughts so far are Howa 1500 in a GRS Bifrost. I seem to have a frame that rifle makers don’t allow for so need an adjustable stock. 

To be honest though I’m not stuck on the Howa either. So, rifle suggestions too? 

Rifle and stock budget around £1500. I’ve got a Spartan Valhalla bipod already that I like and will probably go for a Hausken mod. Total build around £2500 🤞

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Howa + bifrost is a great combo. 

For a budget of £1k I would want to get some Japanese glass. Most likely from LOW. 

Initial thoughts:

Sightron Stac - available in both MOA/MIL also in FFP & SFP in a series of magnifications and objective sizes. 

Vortex LHT  

3-15x50 SFP (MOA or Mil) 

4.5-22x50 FFP (MOA or Mil) 


Used Bushnell Elite, be it DMR, LRHS or LRTS 

All if the above great glass for the money, have a dailable turrets and for the most part available in both moa/mil options. 

I shall continue to think 

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I love my Howa Varmint, but it's in 308, so I cant speak for the .223 version.

For your scope, I think that the requirement to work with a rear add-on will narrow the field considerably. I know nothing about rear add-ons other than some scopes have problems accommodating them, so in your place I'd do plenty of googling to see what works and what doesn't.

Your other requirement is target shooting, so I think you should avoid low-profile hunting turrets and get either target or tactical ones. Some of the target ones can be capped as well (eg Sightron S3), which might be an advantage hunting if you want to ensure that the scope settings are unchanged.

The targets at Bisley are mostly based on MoA, not Mil. You can of course shoot either, but it's easier with MoA.

Finally I'd suggest scouring the second-hand market. If you are buying a quality scope, then I've found that second-hand is no problem at all. Optics Warehouse have a pre-owned section which is good, particularly their SOG scopes. Or various forums like this one or Stalking Directory. Vortex in particular are great second-hand buys because of their no quibble lifetime transferable guarantee.


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47 minutes ago, Terryp said:

Thanks for all the replies so far. Plenty of food for thought. 

Andy at Ludicrous Lumens recommends the Meopta Meopro Optika 6.  Has anybody got any experience of them?

Yes I can confirm they are very good for daylight use and work brill with a rear NV add on.

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Seems like the Meopta has it for me. Thanks for all the help and suggestions. 

I’ve now got a new decision to make though. 

I got a chance to shoot a Savage Axis at the weekend and I’m pretty sold on it. The trigger was far and away the best I’ve ever shot. 

If I can get a stainless , heavy barrel version to go in the grs stock I’ll be like a pig in clover 👍

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I have a Meopta  6-24x56 RD and it’s very good in low light and under lamping conditions,daylight is great and tracks well ,but dont think a rear adon will fit, but they do a 6-18x50 with side focus/parralex that should fit and is a great all rounder. Just depends on what you want to spend and everyone’s eyesight is different,try and look through a few friends scopes and see what you like and can afford.

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