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Accuracy International AW or the updtaed AW rifle- AT


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3 hours ago, 20series said:

It's as much about the ergonomics, personally I couldn't get on with the old AW thumbhole stock it was too small and my trigger finger didnt  fall properly, the pistol grip on the AT is far better.



Thank you Alan, i agree this issue with grip to trigger length is so important, and every shooter is different and every rifle has different grip to trigger length, just what suits you. What i am trying to establish is what are the differences between the discontinued AW and the replacement model -the AT

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Both will shoot as well as each other. However there will be a premium attached to the AW. 

The AT most importantly has the quick switch barrel feature so you can screw on another .308 bolt face cartridge such as 6.5 Creedmoor etc whenever you like. 

The AT will allow you to wear both pistol grip or or thumbhole stocks. 

Unless you’re particularly nostalgic the AT has more features, will cost you less and shoot just as well. 

I’m assuming your looking at .308 rather than .338 or 300 win mag.... the AT isn’t comparable 

To try and answer you question more in-depth. 

Hopefully someone can chime in if I’m wrong. 

I believe both run the same actions apart from the quick barrel change feature as mentioned previously. 

Both come in fixed and folding stock variants. The AW will have an 11mm dovetail to mount scopes the AT 20moa pic rail. 

The barrel profile will be thicker on the AT vs the AW. AW uses a different muzzle break. Single port vs the AT which uses a double port and has the option of normal brake or Tac brake..... screw on AI moderator. 

Not sure on the AW but the AT has an adjustable trigger shoe which can alter the position of the trigger blade. Obviously both have adjustable length of pull. So finding a comfortable position shouldn’t be a problem. 

If I can think of anything more I’ll come back  

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The AT has to be one of the best bang for buck options for a precision rifle on the UK market, especially now that it is available off the shelf with a 26” 6.5 Creedmoor barrel. The price probably compares very favourably will a full custom option and it’s simplicity itself to replace the barrel when the time comes. Plus, the thing really is built to take the harshest of use, which isn’t something that can be said for many custom actions.

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11 hours ago, 20series said:

It's as much about the ergonomics, personally I couldn't get on with the old AW thumbhole stock it was too small and my trigger finger didnt  fall properly, the pistol grip on the AT is far better.



Couldn’t agree more. The thumb hole stock on my AWM sucks ass - even with spacers it’s crap. Definitely agree the thumb hole is too small. A former rifle that had a Manners GAT thumb hole stock was much better. And my MPA chassis, with vertical grip, is simply 1000x times better than the AI.

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Catch, I would certainly say that you are not the only person who doesn’t feel much love for the AW thumb hole stocks. Personally I‘ve never had a problem with mine - but then I have little girly hands. I did find it more comfortable to change the AXMC grip over to to one of Alan’s ( GTac) adapters to use AR 15 grips though. 

The AW I keep as it was the first rifle that I lusted after when they were the latest thing on the block many years ago. Nowadays they look bare bones basic which has a strong appeal to me - not refined cnc but welded box section chassis with no thills or stupid sounding names. It’s a bit like an mp5, some people will see vintage and some will see iconic. Pic below of AW chassis completely stripped down  in about 5 minutes:






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Each have their own features.

I have both a 308 AW and a 338 AW, and both have the original skins [not the modern ones ] Despite having hands like shovels, i've never struggled with the thumbholes, but my little finger has very little to grip !.

I also have an AX .308 and an AXMC, both of which have the modern skeleton type stock, and I love these too.

The basic action is virtually the same [some of the old bolt shrouds were different ] but essentially the modern action has the quick change screw and that's about it.

The triggers were the same, save for the trigger shoe on the newer guns, internals are the same.

The old single port brake did have its own slip over mod , I have one. These were steel and very quiet indeed, as they are long, and full of baffles.

Just subtle differences over time, but the old war horse is still in there.

An Icon.

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Hi Ewen,

spot on, it is nice - it was yours. Only thing I did to it was put another 24” AI  barrel on it with AI thread so I could brake it and be anti-social. 

Just had it cerakoted black ( not the skins). Shoots excellent with a nice soft recoil impulse.

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