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Looking very good.  Is the blue 'spider' carrier something you've manufactured?

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I’ve often wondered how you get by the issue with barrel bores rarely running true when using fixed tooling for chambering - especially with CNC machines where I guess you can’t “feel” the reamer cutting 

Ive a number of reamer holders I use - all allow some movement - axially - as the pilot follows the bore - how do you account for this with collet holder  type fixtures 


(it’s not a trick question Jack, ive nothing like the machines you run and am genuinely interested)



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Hi Andy,

Chambering off the tool post does bring it’s own issues, such as repeatability and lack of feel. So work holding and feeds & speeds are cruicial. A floating holder is a must for the toolpost, my one pictured is an axial and radial floating holder. It just happens to have a built in ER collet. As for the barrel setup, this is exactly the same as on a manual lathe. 

I’ve not had chance to run it yet as it’s a side proiect, i’ve been gathering tools as well as plumbng the flush system. Once i get it running i’ll post up the results, wish me luck 🥴

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Apologies, slightly off topic but have you used a rigid chambering setup at all? I know SAC and Area419 are big fans of rigid reamer chambering rather than using floating reamer holders.

Cheers 👍

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Thanks for the response Jack

I wasn’t aware that the collet holder fixture had Axial movement 

Would love to see this in action if you get the opportunity to video sometime 

I’ve always done things “old school” 😂




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Yeah it’s a neat little holder, but getting the toolpost and holder all correctly trammed is a bit of a pain. Otherwise the reamer can be pointing quite a way off, which is going to end badly lol. 

I’m sure like yourself we have our established ways and processes to chamber that just work and comfortable with. So it will be a bit of a learning curve, but i do all other jobs on the CNC now so thought it would be a fun project to get it chambering. Unless using carbide reamers there will be no real gains other than it’s cool 🤣

I’ve got a good take off barrel and bought a reamer specifically for testing. Good or bad i’ll post the results hopefully in the comming weeks. 

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13 hours ago, JR FIREARMS said:

I believe both have them have moved away from rigid reaming due to too many variables and fluctuations. This is based off of their own comments on forums etc. 

Interesting, thanks for the reply!

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CALTON MOOR RANGE (2) (200x135).jpg

bradley1 200.jpg




valkyrie 200.jpg

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