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  1. I personally never use to be keen on it and preferred straight flutes. But i’ve come to really like it.
  2. A HS Precision stock inletted for a Tier one AICS bottom metal.
  3. Some helical barrel fluting on this Rem varmint profile barrel.
  4. Hi, It’s hard to say at the minute with all the delays. For me barrels are roughly taking 4-6 weeks to arrive, and proof about the same. My last batch were 6 1/2 weeks at proof. Then my time to get the work done which is a couple weeks or so.
  5. Thank you. For anyone wondering the V bull target was a Rem 700 .308 Win/Bisley i rebarreled, using GGG 175gr factory ammo at 1000 yards.
  6. A few pictures that may be of interest to people, just a few rifles and jobs we recently done.
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