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Fitting cabinet


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I have been looking to move house and viewed a property with plasterboard internal walls, I hadn’t thought about fitting a cabinet before as my previous and present house have brick walls so here’s the question how would I go about fitting a cabinet to the wall ?

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Hi Moonfleet 

I have had this problem before I found a concrete floor in the kitchen which had a cupboard that’s where cabinet went.my mate now owns this house and he has bolted it to the floor in to the joists.

my cabinet is in the loft bolted with coach bolts to the joists I have had no problem with damp as some folks say 15 years now no problem 

it just has to be secured to something 

good luck 

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On 9/20/2020 at 8:23 PM, Shuggy said:

You basically need to find an external or internal load bearing wall. Some big anchor bolts and you are there.

+1 - You can even fix if breeze/cinder blocks walls. There is another thread on here regarding the resin glue needed for cinder block. It goes off bloody quick and sets like concrete

One word of caution if you go the loft route. Make sure your joists can take the weight etc and you can get through the loft hatch. You may want to consider putting it flat rather than upright. In our old house, we had the joist reinforced. My FEO at the time told me to tell the builder " I was taking up model trains" I just asked at my local club was there a builder they trusted.

Getting a 7 gun XL Brattonsound through the loft hatch was hilarious. 

Good luck

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Hi all 


big Fischer rawl plugs 125mm long and 14mm wide into breeze block with 10mm coach bolts worked for me  , 10 rifle Britton sound cabinet . Used metal wedges to keep it flat against the wall -    Very solid ...  considered drilling right through to outside and using threaded bar with square metal spreaders but not needed in the end . Think someone used Velcro ie totally cover rear of cabinet and wall area with the sides of industrial Velcro - you won’t get it off if you don’t get it spot on first time  . Used the glue systems at work and these are very strong indeed . 

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