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  1. Nice scope but don’t know if that would work with n/v add on.
  2. I have just got a nice hornet American 22 what size scope would be suitable for good cheek contact and bolt clearance probably going to use a n/v add on mill dot would be nice and illuminated perhaps what are people using.
  3. Hello, does anyone have any info on weather the .17 hornet c/z is going to be discontinued I have read that at least two of the c/z range .22 hornet and .204 ruger are to be discontinued.
  4. Sorry just saw this I think it’s slightly different to a std Brno 452E but I will have a look thank you.
  5. Zeiss Duralyte 4-12x50 bought for my remington 700 but sold the rifle shortly after vgc with original box paperwork this is up for sale on scope bay on Facebook 425 includes postage
  6. Hello, bit of a long shot plse excuse the pun I’m trying to locate some spare parts for my c/z 452 mod 2E I require a new trigger std not after market and three small pins trigger spring rod pin/ trigger pin rear and trigger pin front, does anyone know a shop that might have these items in stock plse . many thanks.
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