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Modern 12b Hammer Gun?

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Me too..!

Bosis used to do them and if you have £15K+ im sure they would make you one 😀 Im certain a UK manafacture used to make one as well ( MacNab, Mc Naughton?) 

At the other end of the scale Bikal do them, I had a 16G game gun  once weighed more than a 12B trap gun but fun.  Please let me know if you find any, Id be very interested.


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have a 16 gauge hammer baikal 40 year originally for  western re enactment  then just fun  take it to a clay shoot now and again just to confuse everyone . i bought a 28 bore  sxs hamerless and a multi choke single triger sxs  (hammerless )  all from the same stable ... cheap fun things

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8 hours ago, saddler said:

I've had four and still own two of them, and all were very reasonably priced.
Still own the 2nd one I bought as well as the 4th, bought about 3 weeks ago.
No.2 has been chopped to 24.5" & had a lot of work done to the stock to strip the Soviet AK-red varnish/dye
No.4 will be kept in original length but will be getting a full strip down of the metal and a similar strip & oil of the stock.

A good design, with hand engraved side-locks and fixed firing pins. their inspiration was allegedly a 19th Century Holland & Holland, but it has been so long since I did any major research into the design.
A mainstay of Soviet engineering when they needed hard currency from the West, as well as a strong solid gun for the local hunters to use
Allegedly the barrels are regulated to shoot slug to the same point of impact at 50m - and being chrome lined barrels they can take some punishment yet are easy to clean 

Look for the TULA (brand/maker) TOZ66 (model)
Commonly mis-named as Baikal made guns, due to being marketed by the Baikal firm in the UK. 
They define WORKHORSE - chances are if you broke one you'd be in a serious state yourself as they're very solid - and they change hands at anything from £60 to £200 depending on caliber, etc.

I was also going to mention a Pedersoli that I saw in NZ, but the nearest UK option is £1300 - ditto for a Beretta that's havering at the £400 mark

Sounds perfect! Thanks

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On 8/6/2020 at 12:35 PM, brown dog said:

I've got a bizarre hankering after a workhorse side by side hammer 12b, but something made to modern standards - does such a thing exist in UK?

CZ has a hammer double one with 30 inch barrel's the other is a coach gun no chokes 20 inch barrel's. I have the coach gun. Used on rabbit's and 16 yard handicap trap doubles. Yes the high end shooter's looked askance at me until I managed 23 of 25 birds smashed.

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