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  1. Stumpy

    miss fires

    The very fact you have asked this question demonstrates you have doubts about whether they will fire in the field. I would not be happy to use them because the last thing you need in the field is doubt, or a click when the deer of a lifetime steps out broadside at 50yds. Use them for plinking or range use. It’s not worth the worry factor for the sake of some new primers.
  2. Stumpy


    “Engineering components” is a good one... 😉
  3. Stumpy


    I’m sure one of the rfd’s will chip in here, but how many and what’s the package weight?
  4. Last bump before the gunshops reopen....
  5. Stumpy

    308 hunting loads

    Start with a Sierra 150 grain soft point (game king or pro hunter). Powder wise each manufacturer will have a powder and load data to suit. Something in the vit 140 or 150 burn rate range. Choose a powder you can get locally and reliably.
  6. Stumpy

    .243 comparisons to 6br

    If you have a future change of heart the 243 will be easier to sell, but there’s clearly more to it than that.... A good second hand T3 Varmint with a bit of load development would (I would hope) shoot every bit as well On the ranges the 243 might be a bit out of fashion and hasn’t got the “custom” bling factor, but I am sure the crows, foxes and v bulls won’t complain whether it was a 243 case or a 6br case spat the vmax their direction i assume you reload given the choice of 6 br cartridge, but at least with 243 you can pick up a box of rounds in any gunshop if you’re running low of unable to get components
  7. I’m a big fan of vxiii’s myself, have two (8.5-25x50 and 4.5-14x50 ill) and picked a redfield 3-9x40 for my 308 woodland stalker, lifetime warranty too!
  8. Redfield Revolution 4-12x40? (I believe made in the Leupold Oregon factory to the older vxii spec) or an older leupold 6.5-20x40 target? Redfield would be about £250 ish older leupold maybe a few quid more, Edinburgh Rifles has one on their guntrader listing https://www.guntrader.uk/dealers/edinburgh/edinburgh-rifles-sporting-goods/equipment/sights-optics/6-5-20x40-vari-x-191108095004527 👍🏻
  9. Received today as promised and described, many thanks, Stumpy👍
  10. I found Remington yellow jacket 🐝 good in a 10/22 Target
  11. Stumpy

    Case lube

    Used on 243 and 308, all good!

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