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Problems with Vertabrae


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I ordered and payed for a full length rail for a XLR chassis, from Vertabrae, in Norway, at the beginning of May.  After a couple of weeks I started emailing them, to enquire as to its whereabouts and have recently left phone messages on their answerphone, to no avail. 
Has anyone had a similar experience with them, or any advice as to how to get a response from them?

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It seems, around 8 months ago, they stopped sending out orders, yet they’re still still accepting payment and I was issued an order number. They were supposedly suffering a spam attack, which was slowing communication down, so it seems a deliberate ploy to accept orders, with no intention to fulfil.  

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My mate ordered  some bipod mounts from them a few months ago.

It took a while but he did receive them about a month ago so they are still sending out orders. 

I bought stuff from them before and it usually arrived very quickly but on a few occasions it took a while as the item was out of stock. 

Hopefully  you rail will arrive soon. 

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Im finding post from europe a lot longer to get due to the virus, even a letter from flint in north wales to bangor in north wales hasn't turned up yet over 2 weeks 😡

Package from serbia with parcelfarce was on 3 weeks so the guy sent another via DHL which took 3 days, week later now 4 weeks the first package arrived.

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A member on here informed me that - has folded and that Thomas has videos on YouTube, seemingly having set up another company.  
Ive deleted the message by mistake, could you message me again, or if anyone else knows how to contact Thomas, I’d be grateful, umpteen emails later and still not even a reply.  

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