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An Alternative Mousetrap

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On 6/9/2020 at 7:05 AM, Ronin said:

Superb - two of us seen the way forward then ūüėÄ

Truly a very versatile chassis and rifle action if you can think outside the box 

Yet to be tested in Comp conditions here (though entered a Comp in July ) but they seem to do quite well in Scandinavia

Glad you managed to get yours too without much trouble, I found the process trouble free and an easy company to deal with.





Yes, no problems ... ... ... I found Kurt Eirik a great guy to deal with, I’ve since acquired extra mags and nag extensions from him.

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Well the rifle performed faultlessly during its first competition 

I decided to swap to a brake instead of using a moderator at the last minute and during the pre match check - put a test round onto the target - .5 MIL high and .2 MIL right from zero with the mod

Obvious the heavier Tier One Mod affects barrel harmonics slightly 

I changed the scope to zero for the brake and found accuracy unaffected - put another couple of shots on the practice target and found them to be one hole 

My thought process was that I believed that using the mod would cause heat retention within the barrel - particularly at the muzzle area 

From there on from stage one to eight of the Comp the rifle was superb the only weak link being me 

I lost numerous points on one stage that replicated a multi point horizontal bannister and my hip cramped (I’m waiting on a new one ) causing me to miss all but one target due to a wee bit of pain 

Anyway back to the rifle - 

The 150 smk load is adequately  accurate (.3 moa average ) 

The dope tables I’d prepared were dead nuts on every distance and the slippery SMK have considerably better ballistics than  130-140 class bullets 

The Vision chassis is rock solid and very ergonomic simple to use in stress situations 

Ssg 3000 action is as good as other tactical actions for such comps and nothing is lost in having a longer bolt throw - that’s a myth 

The Sauer steel mags feed perfectly and provide ample room for longer seated / long bearing surface bullets 

The Kahles 525 with MSR 2 ret is about dead on for Precision Rifle Shooting - easy miss correction , easy MIL measuring for UKD element and very clear optics

 Bartlein make excellent barrels ,,

Very pleased with the results 


Team Cat S H I T¬†¬†One ...Ya ya ya ūüĎćūüŹĽ


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Ronins 260ai is impressive.  By way of real workd comparison to a creedmoor shooting 140eldms at 2850fps it has .5mil less elevation and .4mil less windage for a full value 10mph wind at 700mtrs.

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7 minutes ago, MJR said:

Ronins 260ai is impressive.  By way of real workd comparison to a creedmoor shooting 140eldms at 2850fps it has .5mil less elevation and .4mil less windage for a full value 10mph wind at 700mtrs.

What sort of speed is it putting out 140 eldm

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I’m using 150 SMK in the 260 improved not 140  eldm

I have put a few 140 class bullets through it and can easily exceed 3000 without pressure 

However the rifle was designed around using 150 class bullets and it shoots these very very well 

I’m using a relatively mild load circa 2900

Recoil is virtually non existent 

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Cat Sh*t One is a brilliant little movie for those that haven’t seen it. Ronin, you must clearly be a fan too.

Oh, and what a fantastic rifle! Do you follow Rondane LongRange on YouTube? He has detailed his change to a 200STR in a JET 01 chassis.

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Yes very funny and surreal animation - appeals to my humour.

Our Team uses the name CS1 - Botanski is our sponsor¬†ūüėĄ

Yes,  I first saw the Jet 01 Chassis on THLR Midnight Sun Rifle Challenge and thought it would be a great way to progress the idea of using the SSG in Precision Rifle Shooting comps - after all it works so well 

However, the Vision chassis is a little more "engineered" and robust to my eye - hence why I went that path.

Ive also seen the LR Rondane videos - lots of excellent learning to be had in his and Thomas Hauglands pieces.

The Viking Rifle Series in Skandi are also on You Tube - again excellent to watch

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