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McMillan marbled stocks + camoflauge

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User name is IanB I think :) I have a massive post count of about six, but read the forum pretty much everyday.



Word of warning to anyone choosing colours from the McMillan website, some of the colours on their colour chart are not what you get in real life, as I have just found out.


I saw my A5 the other day and had it marbled in medium green and light gray, the light gray looks very close to off white on the McMillan website, but believe you me it's very very gray. My stock looks hideous and will be going to see Mr Clark for a bit of a make over, if I manage to get some photo's of it I will post them on here.

hi ian thinkin of a new stock,in 70% medium green and 30%grey as seen on page 4of this topic

what is the best way to order percentage of colour?ie send photo .i dont want to order stock

colours and wen it comes,is completly different to what i have ordered. many thanks LEE

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50% olive 25% black 25% med tan 4 hours with 1200 wet&dry 5 minutes buffing and a liberal spray of back to black, not to mention a four month wait and a £400 bill, was it worth it, hell yes ;)







Mods any chance of making this a sticky?

Hi Elwood, I have just ordered an almost identical stock to yours. Would you mind explaining how you acheived the excellent finish please?





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