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Custom made moderators from "One less Charlie"

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Once again Dave I have to thank you for putting the time and effort into submitting this type of post.

Myself and my engineers can design and manufacture moderators... thats the easy part, it is only with the help of individuals like yourself that have a passion for what they do that we can make the products the best they can be.


Like you say in the post " between us we came up with a design" well you need to take at least half the credit. One day we hope to see Onelesscharlie moderators rated alongside the likes of ASE perhaps we have taken the first few steps.



best regards





Recieved a very large package from Colin T'other day..... :lol:


Between us we had come up with a design for my 338. I suspect Colin thought i was mad, its such a big one...fnaar fnaar.... :lol:


However having had said beastie out on test today, he will see i was was right...








This is a MUZZLE mounted silencer, on my .338.


I love that anticipation of the first round down a new untested mod, you just dont know what to expect. There was quite a crowd watching too at Mattersey, and to a man, they were astounded.

This baby sounds like a silenced 243...i kid you not.

It also now recoils like a .308.....without the stab.


I,ve never witnessed such a HUGE reduction in muzzle blast, or recoil from a moderator....from any manufacturer.


Colin, you need to be contacting the people we spoke of the other day.....urgently.

I also have video of the shots on my phone, next time you are in.

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I think you have already surpassed The ASE and the .223 mod Dave tested on his AR 15 was way quieter than my T8, I was very impressed as it's only about 1/2 the size .


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Mick is right. Immediatly after shooting the 338, i tested an AR15 i,d just finished, with a Jet-z on board. Several people commented that they thought they sounded the same !


Thats a .223 and a .338 !


I,ve seen many designs, and makers come and go after having an attempt.


Colin knows what he,s talking about, and has the engineering skills and machinery to back it up. I KNOW you are going to do well Colin.

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Another shooting product thats british built, Brilliant to see. Something else we now don't need to import, all we need is to get british shooters to use british products, and our own british shooting industry should flourish. ROLL ON.

Heres a thought how about a British rifle manufacturers Association to promote British shooting products with some joint promotion and so on.

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Hi guys

I got in touch with colin about a mod for my tikka T3 he was very helpfull and made me a great reflex type mod with stainless steel baffles. its the quiets think me and friends have heard better than a friends t8.

the service is scecond to none would highly recomend him to anyone

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Got a mod from Colin the other day to try on my swift and 22.250. It is jet z style mod, I have to say it is a very well made silencer nicely finished and above all very quite. It now is a permanent fixture on my 22.250 . Thanks Colin for a great moddy


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You guys may remember Colin asking for field testers for his mods a while back.


Colin called in for a natter and a cuppa one day whilst on his travels, and we specced a mod for my AR.


Its a stainless steel model, i think it has 8 baffles, and a front blast baflle, all made from stainless, and beautifully machined, and welded.....absolute top drawer worksmanship.


Its about the same weight and size as a Jet-Z, and is muzzle mounted [in this instance ]with a 5/8" x 18 UNF thread for my rifle.


Took it to the range and fired a few rounds with the mod off, then we put it on.


To say i was astounded would be an understatement. This is probarbly the quietest mod i,ve ever heard.Its at quiet as a Jet-z to my ears, but even duller.


I already have an order for you Colin, from a chap with an AUG.


It also made my AR more accurate. This gun will normally hold 1/2" every time, with some better, as is normal. It was consistently returning .2 groups, and thats 5 shot groups, not 3, with the mod on. The gun obviously likes it on too !






Its gonna get blacked, then become a permanent fixture.


What a piece of kit.


Still reading up on suppressors, just thought I'd bring this thread back to life. Jet-z size and performance; but stainless...and British.

Have I got that right?

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Yes Matt.


The above mod is without a doubt the quietest one I've ever owned, to my ears anyway. It also had the effect of tightening the groups on what was already a very accurate AR.

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I recently posted a plug for one less Charly mods on here I'll add that when I replace any of my mods in future, I'll be going to Collin. The customer service was second to none. I own many other mods wildcat T8 Ase ultra TLD SRX and RPA's own. Some come close but none are as good in my opinion.

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